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9 Jul

Milesnick’s MZ Bar Ranch

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Sunset over Benhart Spring Creek at the MZ Bar Ranch

"The fish at Milesnick's spook when you open your car door" That's an old fisherman's tale about the fishing at the MZ Bar Cattle Co. oustide of Belgrade. Tom and Mary Kay Milesnick have put in so much work restoring Thompson and Benhart spring creeks that they don't spook quite that easily any more, but they'll still run for cover if you're approach is sloppy. We found that out in spades today. The day started great. Tom Milesnick was on hand waiting for us to interview him when we arrived. Tom`s progressive ideas about ranching have won him numerous environmental stewardship awards from his peers. His passion for ranching and connection to the land was evident when we spoke. Tom`s family has been ranching for generations in the Gallatin valley and he feels a stong sense of environmental responsiblity to the land. Sustainability is at the fore front of his actions when it comes to the MZ Bar Ranch. After speaking with Tom we hooked up with Pat Byorth. Pat is a former fisheries biologist with Montana Fish and Wildlife and now a lawyer for TU Montana. Pat gave us the fish biology side of the equation with spring creeks. After that we broke out the rods and proceeded to spook some fish! All in all a fantastic first day of shooting. Thanks to everyone who helped out! More Later T>