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Dave Ashcraft watches an angler work Owlsley Slough

Dave Ashcraft is Montana. A third generation rancher in Montana’s Gold West Country he’s a true American cowboy.  Dave doesn’t drive a SUV, he drives a Dodge flat bed truck and his other car is a horse. Up until a few years ago, Dave drove 600 head of Black Angus cattle from his C Lazy J ranch to their summer range near the headwaters of the Ruby River in a week long cattle drive. But ranching modernization takes no prisoners. These days, the cattle are herded on to a transport truck and shipped, making that same journey in one day. That leaves Dave a little more time for his pride and joy, Owlsley and Schoolhouse Sloughs, two beautiful little spring creeks that meander through his property.
11 Jul

Frontier Anglers

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Tim Tollet is dead serious about BIG FLIES!

If you're in Dillon, a stop at Tim Tollett's Frontier Anglers is a must. Tim's a veteran of the south western Montana fly fishing scene, having guided for Al Troth. I’m connoisseur of fly shops and Frontier Anglers separated me from some serious cash, in a short amount of time. Not because the prices were steep but because Tim stocks his shop with so much stuff that I want! I just wish they would have had Simm's Dry Creek Guide Backpack for my cameras, because I would have left with that too! What I did pick up (amongst other things) is a crazy new cowboy hat from Riverz Amphibous Hats, though I have to admit it looks better on Steve Bielenberg than it does on a poser from BC! One of Tim's guides told me "you gotta OWN the hat! don't let it OWN you!"
The Riverz Scout
  From the website: The Scout has a western style crown with a super wide 4 1/4" brim for extra sun protection. Features include a super-wicking sweatband, practical stowaway chin cord/tumpline, adjustable sport webbing band, and new handwoven polypropylene TechStraw?. The Riverz? Scout is amphibious. It will maintain its shape and stay light and functional when wet - just shake dry.Wash in soapy water and wear another day. Just call it a proactive purchase against carcenoma!Tim and his guides know what’s what on the Dillon fishing scene. Want proof? Just check out the serious traffic jam of drift boats, rafts and SUV’s in front every morning. Thanks to Tim for taking the time out of the morning rush of customers and clients to sit down for an interview and talk about the fishing around the Dillon area and the surrounding spring creeks.