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15 Aug

David Thompson

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Brickhouse Creative's David Thompson

 Filmmaking is not a one man endeavour and creating Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout has required various input from several people. One person who's help has been invaluable is David Thompson. David is the principal behind Brickhouse Creative. Brickhouse Creative is strategic design and brand management company based in Bozeman. They specialize in building relationships with a limited clientele who need help putting their marketing plans into motion. Some of David's clients are actually ranches featured in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. I first approached David weeks ago about providing some music for the soundtrack of the film.  David is part of  Fishing Music (see prior post) a few musicians who have put out two collections of acoustic folk, blues and swing. Music inspired by fish, fishing, and rivers. David graciously agreed to donate a few tracks for the soundtrack right away and I have been bugging him for his help pretty much every day since! To David's credit (and my good fortune) he's still e-mailing me back every time I ask him for something. He always comes through and it speaks volumes about David that I would approach him out of the blue and he would continuely go out of his way, to help me make the film. Thanks David.  More Later  T> 

15 Aug

Sunday with my wife, Jess

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Don't fence me in...

I spent last Sunday with my favourite Director, my wife and partner in Cinema Digital Productions,  AM1150's Jessica Samuels. Jess is always good for a day or two out on the river, just don't try and take her on any fishing trips that last longer than 3 days unless there is a trip to an outlet mall involved. It's amazing how much time on the river a new pair of shoes for your wife will get you. Jess is always ready to shoot with the Canon 7D, she loves the shallow depth of field that's possible with the various lenses. We have both embraced the HDSLR revolution. This frame grab was taken from a shot using a Canon 50mm 1.8 prime, circular polarizer, and a ND filter.  As always thanks for everything Jess.
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