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Just wanted to say thank you to Lori Pike and everyone at Mission Hill  for their support.  Mission Hill has supplied me with a few bottles of their premium Selected Lot Collection wines as gifts for people participating in the film! Those of you who know me or have spoken with me, know that I'm always talking about the fact that I hail from British Columbia's Wine Country the Okanagan Valley. Here in the Okanagan we produce some of  the world's best wines bar none. One of my favourite wineries, the multi award winning Mission Hill  Family Estate Winery is located only minutes away from my home in Kelowna. Fortunately for me, my wife Jessica has some ties with the good people at Mission Hill (and those of you who know me will also know, that I'm not afraid of riding on my wife's coat tails!) As Steve Bielenberg from McCoy Spring Creeks  has said "I thought a Big Red and Canadian wine was an oxymoron"  Some of the best wines of the Okanagan Valley are about to prove him wrong, thanks to Mission Hill. For those of you interested in finding out more about our great Wine Country, Tourism BC  put out an incredible video of  British Columbia highlights for the Olympics and Mission Hill featured prominently in it. The video has some phenomenal footage of Okanagan Wine Country. Look for Mission Hill winery (with the tower) and their winemaker John Simes. Directed by Alex Gower Jackson, it's a spectacular journey across my great province and even features Jessica at the 1:26 mark! More Later T> Take a look: Tourism British Columbia 2009 from Alex Gower-Jackson on Vimeo.