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Tree Brewing's Cutthroat Pale Ale

I love Cutthroat and not just the fish. No, I love Cutthroat Pale Ale, because it's a classic Pale Ale. The perfect balance of five different malts and hand selected Hops. The distinctive flavour and aroma make this one truly smooth and inviting beer. Okay, okay, I (may have) cut and pasted that from the website but it's true. I also love all the great people down the street at Tree Brewing like Meghan Yewell, because Tree Brewing and Cutthroat Pale Ale like to sponsor every fishy, trout  themed or fly fishing inspired idea, that I come up with. For instance, the RM Angler Fly Fishing Film Festival, a benefit for the local TU Chapter that anglers here in Kelowna are starting up. Tree Brewing has now stepped in to be my Beer supplier for all those thirsty Montanan's, who may require a celebretory libation after a hard day's angling and filming on any number of  spring creeks.  While many people I spoke to in Montana, didn't seem to know much about the great wines made here in the Okanagan, the sure know about our Beer. And so it seemed only appropriate that I should endeavour to supply some finest post fishing pops  for their participation in the film.  Thanks to Tree Brewing those thirsty Montanan's shall get to taste some of the liquid gold brewed right here in Kelowna. We'll just see how much of all this liquor I get through the border! Cheers! More Later T>