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Gerry casting to a big Cutthroat

That was just about the only Cutthroat, Gerry touched all day.  I have no idea why, but the East Kootenay's just didn't produce like normal. The upper Elk was a bust and so were most of the tribs. The weather wreaked havoc on us today. It was snowing up high most of the morning and the Steeples were capped in snow on the drive back. We never saw a Green Drake hatch and the BWO's hardly materialized either. So after a tough day of fishing Gerry and I sat back and enjoyed a few of  Tree Brewing's Cutthroat Pale Ale.  That saved the day. The fishing was disappointing. What wasn't disappointing though was my stay with my great friends Gerry and Susan. Susan all looks after the menu and it's a good thing. After a day of freezing cold rain we came home to a great Beef stew and as always Uvetsi was served on Saturday. I gave Susan and Gerry one of the Mission Hill Select Lot Collection Merlot's. Lucky for me they opened it right away and we washed our miserable day's fishing away with a stellar bottle of wine.  Off to Dillon tomorrow, the weather isn't looking any better.

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29 Aug


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How many CFS is this?
Yes Gerry and I did find a spring creek yesterday (sort of)  on our way to the White River. Not much of a spring maybe one CFS and definately not much of a creek. In fact it wasn't either one of them. It was glacial melt snow that has filtered down through the mountains to the valley and was trickling out the side of a vertical rock wall and running under the road in a culvert.  From the culvert it ran straight into Alces Lake, where about 100 rainbows had stacked up 10 ft. or so from the shore to enjoy the 2 or 3 degree temperature change. These were no ordinary trout though. They were ROAD WARRIORS, accustomed to TRAFFIC.  They had seen every lure, every kids bobber and worm and apparently every fly in Gerry's box. Nothing moved them except naturals.  We got sucked into their devious time vortex and wasted two hours, dazed by their siren song of a trout all over 24" and some around the 4 to 5lb mark. All for nothing. I just wanted to point out to everyone that BC's has no spring creeks to speak of. Certainly NOTHING like in Montana. Yes we have seepage from some springs into our water... and perhaps like a Professor of Karst Geology from the University of Victoria has suggested, their may be some undiscovered somewhere in BC... but we just don't have the topography that produces spring creeks. Gerry and I are off to the upper Elk today in the pouring rain. The Green Drake Parade should be all day long. Good thing I brought my Simms G3 Guide coat.
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