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10 Aug

Greg Fay

Author: Travis

Photo courtesy of Fay Ranches

Greg Fay of Fay Ranches has agreed to participate in the film. Greg was one of the first brokers in Montana to start specializing in brokering "sporting ranches". In fact when he started back in 1986 he initially created Fay Fly Fishing Properties. Like to see what one of these phenomenal ranch opportunities looks like? Take a look at they have a terrific mulitmedia website.The four pillars of Fay Ranches' mission statement are Sporting Pursuits, Family, Conservation and Ranch Value. Fay Ranches believe's that "through the use of conservation easements and thoughtful land stewardship, they can guide ranch owners toward a legacy of conserving wide open spaces, enhancing and creating fisheries and wildlife habitat and implementing sustainable agricultural operations". Greg's business has expand significantly over the years and he now brokers ranches all over the west, as well providing Ranch Management. He also tells me that they also do stream restoration work and have rehabilitated several spring creeks. When I first called Greg to ask if he would mind being interviewed for the film he told me he had just finished fishing a spring creek that morning. It's because of that passion for spring creeks that we're looking forward to sitting down with him and getting his perspective on the magic that surrounds Montana's spring creek fishing.

2 Responses to “Greg Fay”

  1. Bret Snyder says:

    Travis – I just wanted to share the fact that I have worked for Greg Fay and the partners’ group at Fay Ranches for the past 13 months as their operations officer and you are spot on re: Greg and his passion for spring creek fishing and his ability. Not only is Greg a fantastic angler in the spring creek world, he’s also a quality human being that is dedicated (and has dedicated our firm) to the conservation of the waterways here in the northwest U.S. His passion for his family, those aorund him, his partners, employees, and friends is also an upstanding quality that allows us at Fay Ranches to wake up every day and enjoy what we do while always “being ourselves”. Great pick for your film and make sure to enjoy your time on the project.
    Best Regards!

  2. Travis says:


    Thanks for your comment. It was pretty easy to tell Greg’s passion for what he does and what he stands for over the phone. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at Fay Ranches and getting out on a spring creek with Greg. It will be one of the highlites of two weeks of shooting.



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