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24 Aug

The Running of the Bulls

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A big Bull from..... oh yeah I forgot where from

It's time to get out the BULLSHIT and head on out to the Canadian Rockies for "The Running of the Bulls". Every year thousands of trophy size Bulls make their spawning migration into various tributaries of the Elk River and the Kootenay River. Many of these Bulls are residents of Lake Koocanusa, the impoundment behind the Libby Reservoir of the Kootenay or Kootenai River (depending on what side of the border you're on). Those Bulls from the resevoir are incredibly huge, having gorged themselves silly on a diet of Kokanee. This year RA Beattie and myself were set to spend a week filming Bulls and enticing them on dry flies. Unfortunately RA couldn't make it and we had to pull the plug on the project until next year. Bull Trout fishing in B.C. is legal unlike in the states where the species is threatened, blue listed or endangered. It's feast or famine most of the time with Bulls, they're either in the taking mood (early morning) or have lock jaw (most of the day). Everyone has their own secret methods for success, blah,blah, blah, whatever, sinking line, floating line, nymph, streamers, eggs, small cutthroats.... or little kids... to each their own. What's not a secret, at least anymore... is where to target these monsters. By now everyone's probably read at least one article extolling the virtues of the town of Fernie and the Elk River. And everyone of those articles includes a little something on the Bull Trout fishing in the area and specifically one river. A river that usually sends mere mortals home with their tails between their legs after looking down into the 1000 ft. forested roadside canyon. Maybe you've read Geriach's Grizzly Central or Thomas's Bushwacking Bull Trout in BC.  It used to be this river was revered only by locals in hushed whispers at the gas station. At sort of last vestiage of locals only fishing and rather polite F You to travellers looking for the Bull Trout Bonaza. Not anymore. Every access is filled with SUV's from Alberta to Alabama. That's cool. Who fish's access points? I say grow a pair. The absolutely stellar Bull Trout fishing isn't in the canyon anyway, that's where all the anglers are. You want CRAZY BULLS head up to the upper section of the river. That is IF your ride can handle it. Besides the washed out 4X4 road, the horse outfitter who allegedly sprinkles drywall nails on it, and a day's worth of chainsawing blowdown it's definately worth the effort. Be forewarned though, once you get there.... it's the URSUS HORRIBILIS that may ruin your day. Oh yeah that's right the no self respecting Grizzly would be caught dead down in that canyon. I've fished 10 years down there and never seen ONE sign of a Grizz or a Black bear. Up in the upper portion of the river though, whole different ball game. It's wide and flat and open and the river is braided and skinny. It's easy picking for Grizzlies up there, just remember your bells and bear spray.....cause Grizzlies like it when a spicey meal rings the dinner bell for them...... NO BALLS NO BULLS. Here's two clips from last year shot on my crappy Optio W20... we landed the fish but the battery died on the camera... ergo no hero shots.... BOO! I know, I know, get a net right! Nets are for SISSIES and smart people. Maybe next time and maybe I won't be fishing a 4wt. with 4x tippet. More Later T>

Just wanted to say thank you to Lori Pike and everyone at Mission Hill  for their support.  Mission Hill has supplied me with a few bottles of their premium Selected Lot Collection wines as gifts for people participating in the film! Those of you who know me or have spoken with me, know that I'm always talking about the fact that I hail from British Columbia's Wine Country the Okanagan Valley. Here in the Okanagan we produce some of  the world's best wines bar none. One of my favourite wineries, the multi award winning Mission Hill  Family Estate Winery is located only minutes away from my home in Kelowna. Fortunately for me, my wife Jessica has some ties with the good people at Mission Hill (and those of you who know me will also know, that I'm not afraid of riding on my wife's coat tails!) As Steve Bielenberg from McCoy Spring Creeks  has said "I thought a Big Red and Canadian wine was an oxymoron"  Some of the best wines of the Okanagan Valley are about to prove him wrong, thanks to Mission Hill. For those of you interested in finding out more about our great Wine Country, Tourism BC  put out an incredible video of  British Columbia highlights for the Olympics and Mission Hill featured prominently in it. The video has some phenomenal footage of Okanagan Wine Country. Look for Mission Hill winery (with the tower) and their winemaker John Simes. Directed by Alex Gower Jackson, it's a spectacular journey across my great province and even features Jessica at the 1:26 mark! More Later T> Take a look: Tourism British Columbia 2009 from Alex Gower-Jackson on Vimeo.

Steve "SAFETY FIRST" Bielenberg and Travis Lowe at McCoy's

  Steve B. "Do you have any idea how many deaths occur from falls off of a ladder every year in the United States....?"   Travis  "Ah Steve, I'm only on the first step"   All joking aside I think Steve was telling me "NO YOU CAN'T HAVE MY HAT!"  I'm really looking forward to returning to Dillon in a week.  This time for a couple of days and time to soak it all in.  Super 8 Motel here I come! YIKES. Steve Bielenberg and owner Clif Inge once again are hosting me for some more shooting on Fox Island and Big Meadow spring creeks at the McCoy Spring Creeks.  Steve has assured me that the hoppers are of "biblical proportions". Hopefully I'll get an evening of shooing in during the Golden Hour during my first day in Montana and then Tuesday it's a full day of shooting as Steve Summerhill owner of the River's Edge Fly Shop in Bozeman joins us. Summerhill is no stranger to McCoy's, he guides there and appeared on an episode of HOOK.TV at McCoy's with John Dietsch. This time I'm getting up in the Duck Blind to shoot and Steve B.  I'll have your wine!  More Later  T>
21 Aug

Greg Thomas

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Greg Thomas on the Dean River.... photo courtesy Angler's Tonic

After a week of trying to track down Greg Thomas, I finally did. Thomas is a busy guy and fresh off a trip from Alaska. If you're schooled in fly fishing, you know who Greg Thomas is. So I won't waste my time with an intro paragraph. I will say Greg may just have the coolist fly fishing website/blog ever. If you haven't already, check, where Thomas mixes up a health dosage of libations ( key to all angling debauchery) with his seemingly effortless writing style. When combined the two make a potent potable. Greg has graciously agreed to be part of the film, if  and when I can get down to Ennis for an interview with him. Hopefully that prove as hard as actually just getting a hold of him.

More Later T>
20 Aug

Thanks TOTA!

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Quick note to say thanks to the ladies at the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association. Who've been extremely helpful with the file footage archive system. More Later T>
19 Aug

Circle 3 Spring Creek

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Photo courtesy Circle 3 Spring Creek

From what I hear the Dillon area is having a hopper infestation this year of "biblical proportions".  So I'm going back to Dillon in a week. I'll be shooting at the Circle 3 Ranch. The Circle 3 is one of  David Thompson's clients. David has once again come through for the film and secured a day on stream for fishing and shooting. The great thing is that the day before we get on stream is a rest day for the fish. They'll have a chance to rest and recover from the previous day's anglers and should make for a fantastic day of fishing and filming! Not only that but we will have the ranch to ourselves. An exclusive experience is paramount at Circle 3 and they only allow one party of anglers on the ranch at a time. I'll be joining David and Ben Winship (his partner in Fishing Music)  for the afternoon and evening on the Circle 3 spring creek. David (risking the wrath at home!) has agreed to stay late so we can shoot during the "Golden Hour" I have agreed to bring the beer. 

More Later
17 Aug

Montana Film Office

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Is that Levi Strauss behind the lens?

  Great news for Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout, the Montana Film Office has stepped in to help out with resources and B-roll for the film. Thanks to John and Sage who have been my contacts at the Film Office.  More Later  T>
Okanagan Film Commissioner Jon Summerland is helping out with Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout.  Jon says the film is the type of project that he would like to work on, so I offered him the job of carrying the Jimmy Jib, 2 miles from the truck to the river in 36 degree Okanagan heat.  Jon said he would prefer to fish. Hmmmm.... smart guy! However Jon has promised to help in anyway he can and has approached the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association on my behalf. Thanks Jon, I owe you that fishing trip. More Later T>
15 Aug

David Thompson

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Brickhouse Creative's David Thompson

 Filmmaking is not a one man endeavour and creating Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout has required various input from several people. One person who's help has been invaluable is David Thompson. David is the principal behind Brickhouse Creative. Brickhouse Creative is strategic design and brand management company based in Bozeman. They specialize in building relationships with a limited clientele who need help putting their marketing plans into motion. Some of David's clients are actually ranches featured in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. I first approached David weeks ago about providing some music for the soundtrack of the film.  David is part of  Fishing Music (see prior post) a few musicians who have put out two collections of acoustic folk, blues and swing. Music inspired by fish, fishing, and rivers. David graciously agreed to donate a few tracks for the soundtrack right away and I have been bugging him for his help pretty much every day since! To David's credit (and my good fortune) he's still e-mailing me back every time I ask him for something. He always comes through and it speaks volumes about David that I would approach him out of the blue and he would continuely go out of his way, to help me make the film. Thanks David.  More Later  T> 

15 Aug

Sunday with my wife, Jess

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Don't fence me in...

I spent last Sunday with my favourite Director, my wife and partner in Cinema Digital Productions,  AM1150's Jessica Samuels. Jess is always good for a day or two out on the river, just don't try and take her on any fishing trips that last longer than 3 days unless there is a trip to an outlet mall involved. It's amazing how much time on the river a new pair of shoes for your wife will get you. Jess is always ready to shoot with the Canon 7D, she loves the shallow depth of field that's possible with the various lenses. We have both embraced the HDSLR revolution. This frame grab was taken from a shot using a Canon 50mm 1.8 prime, circular polarizer, and a ND filter.  As always thanks for everything Jess.
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