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2 Sep

An Evening at Milesnick`s

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Waiting for the Evening Rise at Milesnick`s MZ Bar Ranch

Tom and Mary Kay are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I stopped in this afternoon to take some pictures of  historical photos of Tom`s Grandparents who settled in the Gallatin Valley after being flooded out by the Fort Peck Resevoir.  Mary Kay invited me into the house and we had a great conversation.  Afterwords she sent me on my way to the ranch to pick up some shots during the golden hour of evening light.  There I found Tom, chatting with  some of guide Stuart Dominck`s  clients from Virginia. Tom takes time out of his busy day to talk to everyone that comes to the MZ Bar ranch to fish. More Later T.
2 Sep

Brickhouse Creative

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David Thompson recalls his day at Circle 3 Spring Creek

I stopped by Brickhouse Creative this morning to talk on camera with David Thompson. David was still high off his day at the Circle 3 Spring Creek. Thanks to David for allowing me to interview him at work and interrupt the daily workflow of Brickhouse Creative with my noisy presence. Thanks to everyone at Brickhouse for making me feel welcome.
Unfortunately this morning Greg Fay of Fay Ranches had to cancel on me in order to meet with a client, but Greg and I met shortly this morning at the Fay Ranches offices and Greg assures me that he is eager to participate in the film and we will ge together next season.
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2 Sep

Circle 3 Spring Creek

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Brickhouse Creative's David Thompson

What an incredible day of shooting we had at the Circle 3 Ranch yesterday, thanks to Poncho McCoy and David Thompson for their time. All those rumours of big browns, I can confirm them.  I was filming Brickhouse Creative's principal David Thompson/ The first fish David Thompson hauled out for me was 24" and not a Guide 24" either.  Stodden Slough ( Circle 3 spring creek)  is a beautiful spring creek fishery and one of the latest pay for play fisheries to come on line.  The weather turned out to be incredible (althoug slightly windy) and the I shot some fantastic footage thanks to David Thompson whose casting was unfazed by the winds. . Circle 3 is one of David's clients, incidentally David's side project "Fishing Music" is providing some tracks for the Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout soundtrack. David's musical parnter Ben was supposed to join us for the day but unfortunately (for him!) couldn't make it. David said the fishing was tough, hmmmm I thought it was spectacular...... I can't fathom a better day on the Circle 3 Spring Creek. At least not for my own sanity! I recall David telling me later in the evening "they always say you never catch the biggest fish in the creek, thinking about that here.... frightens me!" BIG THANKS to David, who while he should have been driving home to Bozeman offered to row me out in the  Circle 3's pond so I could have a crack at a rising fish.  In the best way to end the evening I traded my Canon 7D for David's rod and boated another big beautiful Circle 3 brown. Poncho you were right... my Streamside guide net was to small. More Later T>

David Thompson and one of his clients (technically speaking)

2 Sep

Morning at McCoy`s

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Mike Gettleman getting sneaky at McCoy Spring Creeks

  Before I headed over to the Circle 3 Ranch to hook up with David Thompson and Poncho McCoy (former owner of McCoy Spring Creeks), I decided to say good bye to my good friend Steve Bielenberg, fishing manager at McCoy Spring Creeks. Steve wanted me to talk with Mike Gettleman, a self confessed spring creek junkie. Mike is a great angler and a good customer of many of the Montana spring creeks. Mike had booked McCoy`s for the day and had the ranch all to himself. I spent a couple of hours following Mike around during the blustery morning. Mike`s a head hunter and loves the challenge of a rising fish. It was early and cold and nothing was really happening so Mike and I agreed to meet up next year and shoot for the film. Mike tells me that he`s recently become addicted to Silver Creek so maybe I`ll get him to introduce me to Silver Creek.  More Later  T.