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3 Sep

Mission Hill in Montana

Author: Travis 0 comments
SLC Merlot anyone?
Taylor Hargrove is the manager at Plonk. Probably one of the best wine bars in the American West. Definately the best wine bar in the GREAT state of Montana. I stopped in for dinner because they had WI FI, plus it looked pretty cool. It was, great decor, varied menu and a huge wine list.  But nothing from BC.  So being the ambassador of BC wine that I am, I decided to grab up a bottle of the Mission Hill SLC Merlot and introduce the wino's of Bozeman to it. Wino's in Bozeman hang in Plonk unlike in BC where they hang in alleys. Whenever I get a chance, I bend people's ears about the great wines we produce in the Okanagan. Steve Bielenberg of McCoy Spring Creeks has designated me the Canadian Beer and Wine Ambassador,  a title I don't take lightly. Of course the Mission Hill Merlot went over great. Big  thanks to Taylor and John at Plonk for their hospitality.
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Jim Lovell, Ruby and a case of Cutthroat

Jim Lovell, principal of Confluence Consutling lives in Manhattan, on Broadway.... in Montana. That's right, Manhattan, Montana. It's a quiet little community twenty minutes west of Bozeman in the Gallatin Valley. The main street is.... you guessed it,  Broadway. Jim is a beer fan (duh! who isn't) so I gave him a case of Tree Brewing's Cutthroat Pale Ale. Cutthroat Pale Ale has been a huge hit in Montana. Everyone here loves the taste and the obvious fly fishing tie in.  They love that it's Canadian Beer and everyone that drinks it wants me to get them some logo'd swag. David Thompson from Brickhouse Creative was adamant that I bring him a CPA shirt. Ask and ye shall recevie, consider it done David.  More Later T>