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Brian Rosenberg just waiting to fish.....

I stopped in at the Madison River Fishing Company three times today. Enough to be a regular, but they still looked at me weird.  First time I was just checking out the shop, as we all do. Looking for anything that struck my fancy and didn't kill my budgie. The shop has a lot of clothing, and I need a new Patagonia nano down, box fleece coatmajigger, thingamabobber, whatchmacallit. You know the ones, in the crazy Patagonia flourescent colours.  Later in the morning I returned to the Madison River Fishing Company to meet up with Jeff Laszlo. Jeff was taking me to his O'dell Creek ranch to show me the award winning O'dell Spring Creek Restoration Project. Later,after I squeezed out every possible interview I could at the Ennis "Tie One On" Fly Fishing Festival, (which nicely co-inicided with my visit BTW) I made the tri-fecta visit and cajoled guide Brian Rosenberg into an on camera interview. Brianspoke casually about the fly fishing lifestyle in Montana, how important it is to the state and how it's a part of the culture and heritage.  Oh yeah thanks for the deal on the shirt. No, Jess I DO need another Simms shirt.  More Later T>
4 Sep

Darlington Spring Creek

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Jim Lovell checking out his work on Darlinton Spring Creek

Yesterday I spent the day with Confluence Consulting's Jim Lovell. Jim and I hit it off great. We had a fantastic time on Darlington Spring Creek. Darlington is one of Confluence Consulting's latest spring creek restorations. Jim and his team did 4500' of restoration work to a private stretch of Darlington Spring Creek in the Madison Valley, outside of the town of  Logan. It was fascinating for me to see  the work that was done, first hand and have the why's explained to me. Jim showed me scour pools, riffles and new banks that were all created with providing the best trout habitat possible in mind.  After we were finished at Darlington, Jim took me to his house and introduced me to his family in Manhattan.  Then it was back to the Confluence offices to pick up the draft plans for the restoration of Darlington Spring Creek to shoot at a later time. Thanks to Jim, the Lovell family and the great folks at Confluence for all of their help.  More Later  T.