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Jeff Laszlo, Rancher, NY Rangers Fan and Award Winning Land Steward


Jeff Laszlo borrow's  a page out of  W.P. Kinsella's book.  "If you build it they will come"  he says in a quiet tone as he leans against the bridge railing over O'Dell Spring Creek. Jeff's not talking about Shoeless Joe Jackson and Baseball's  infamous 8 men out scandal. No, Jeff's talking my language... trout. O'Dell Spring Creek  lies just south of Ennis, Montana. It's a major spawning tribuatary to one of  the most famous blue ribbon trout streams in Montana, the Madison. And like Jeff says, the trout have come in droves. The reason? An award winning spring creek restoration of epic proportions, spanning over 6 years and involving numerous public and private agencies. The Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Fly Fisherman magazine  features an in depth article regarding the O'Dell Spring Creek Restoration Project.  I encourage everyone to read the article. I was doing research regarding spring creek restorations when I came across Jeff Laszlo and the O'Dell Spring Creek Restoration Project.  The project has garnered numerous accolades and just recently been awarded the Environmental Law Institute's National Wetlands Award for Landowner Stewardship.  It was obvious to me that I need to profile Jeff and O'Dell Spring Creek in my documentary. After arranging a time and meeting up in Ennis,  Jeff took me for tour of O'Dell Creek Ranch and the restoration project that he has completely devoted the last 6 years of his life to.  When we drove down the bluff and O"Dell Spring Creek came into view I was speechless. The work that numerous people have put into this stream restoration project is truly awe inspiring. I am extremely fortunate that Jeff agreed to participate and took time away from a family visit to be interviewed. Thanks Jeff.   

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