September 2010
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21 Sep

Darlington Spring Creek Browns

Author: Travis

James Fraser's Brown is all that and a bag of chips! Photo James Fraser

Word is the browns are on the move on the Madison. Just ask James Fraser who stuck this hog, while fishing Darlington Spring Creek last Thursday. James was fishing on his friend Fred Broling's ranch.  Fred's ranch and stretch of Darlington Spring Creek is featured in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. Fred recently hired Jim Lovell and his company Confluence Consulting to undertake  a mile long restoration to his section of Darlington Spring Creek , a tributary to the Madison River. James caught both of the big browns on olive streamers, stripped fast through two of Darlington's small pools. "The big male took it on the second cast, at which point I was wishing I had retied a new knot in my 4x." James had just caught a nice female of 20" and was about to call it a day when he decided to return to a scour pool on the property that he had fished earlier and give it anothe try. "I felt the grab and then could harly budge the fish out from under me" . James says there are more big fish in the same pool as get got several hits there. I'm going to have a arrange a trip late in the fall for these massive spawning browns. Till then I'll see browns like this in my dreams. Thanks to James Fraser for sharing his photos and story. As well as a big thanks to Fred Broling who allowed Jim Lovell to show me his ranch and film the restoration work. Can I come back in the fall? More Later T>

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