September 2010
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11 Sep

Back Home in B.C.

Author: Travis

First Fish of the Day

For the last two days I've been fishing the Kettle River. No cameras, no filming, just fishing.  While the Kettle is no Spring Creek,  it is my homewaters and honestly its the only trout stream fishery within a two hour drive of my home. Lately the hopper fishing has been fantastic.  The Kettle's 2009 fish die off, due to extremely low water flows and high temperatures may have cleaned out a certain age class, the 16" to 18" fish are flourishing.  Yesterday my good friend Pete Caron and I hit the Kettle with the mountain bikes. We drove up the Christian Valley dropped the truck off and rode back down the road for about 6km, dumped the bikes, geared up and hiked in. The new River's Edge Simms hat (thanks Steve!) has got some MOJO in it. I was on fire all day. The fish gods were smiling on me. I stabbed everything that moved, including myself when a gust of wind picked up and blew an errant hopper right into my hand on the forward cast. Pete and I must have hiked about 8km by the river, definately a good work out. When the river only has about 90 per km, you have to do a lot of walking to find good fish.  We'll return to the best spots next week with the HD cameras and shoot where the above photo was taken for the film.   More Later   T>

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