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Jeff Laszlo, Rancher, NY Rangers Fan and Award Winning Land Steward


Jeff Laszlo borrow's  a page out of  W.P. Kinsella's book.  "If you build it they will come"  he says in a quiet tone as he leans against the bridge railing over O'Dell Spring Creek. Jeff's not talking about Shoeless Joe Jackson and Baseball's  infamous 8 men out scandal. No, Jeff's talking my language... trout. O'Dell Spring Creek  lies just south of Ennis, Montana. It's a major spawning tribuatary to one of  the most famous blue ribbon trout streams in Montana, the Madison. And like Jeff says, the trout have come in droves. The reason? An award winning spring creek restoration of epic proportions, spanning over 6 years and involving numerous public and private agencies. The Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Fly Fisherman magazine  features an in depth article regarding the O'Dell Spring Creek Restoration Project.  I encourage everyone to read the article. I was doing research regarding spring creek restorations when I came across Jeff Laszlo and the O'Dell Spring Creek Restoration Project.  The project has garnered numerous accolades and just recently been awarded the Environmental Law Institute's National Wetlands Award for Landowner Stewardship.  It was obvious to me that I need to profile Jeff and O'Dell Spring Creek in my documentary. After arranging a time and meeting up in Ennis,  Jeff took me for tour of O'Dell Creek Ranch and the restoration project that he has completely devoted the last 6 years of his life to.  When we drove down the bluff and O"Dell Spring Creek came into view I was speechless. The work that numerous people have put into this stream restoration project is truly awe inspiring. I am extremely fortunate that Jeff agreed to participate and took time away from a family visit to be interviewed. Thanks Jeff.   

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O'Dell Spring Creek


Jim Klug and friend-photo Yellowdog

  "Montana is Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing is Montana" that's what Jim Klug told me during a brief interview in Ennis the other day. I met Jim at the Ennis "Tie One On" Fly Fishing Festival.  Jim is a fantastic guy, easy going and amiable.  During our short interview, he had great things to say regarding fly fishing in Montana and for that matter around the world. And it's no wonder considering what Jim does for a living, take a look at his Bio:    Jim is the Founder and Director of Operations for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, L.L.C., Jim has worked in the fly fishing industry as a guide, sales rep, travel coordinator, and as past National Sales Manager for Scientific Anglers. He has guided extensively in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon, and has fished throughout the world in more than 25 countries. With a particular love of saltwater flats fishing, Jim spends a lot of time in the Caribbean, Central and South America, working with Yellow Dog’s network of lodges and guides. Jim lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife Hilary, daughter Carson, and son Finn. Jim is currently the Chairman of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA), and sits on the board of directors of Belize's Turneffe Atoll Trust and Montana's Big Sky Youth Empowerment Project. Aside from his work with Yellow Dog, Jim is the executive producer and writer for Confluence Films, a small film company that created the films DRIFT (2008) and RISE (2009). Confluence is currently at work on a new film, scheduled for release in fall 2011.    After getting home to BC the other day I looked at the interview that I shot with Jim and immediately contacted him about further participation in the film. I'm happy to say that Jim Klug and Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures have agreed to take part in the film. Next summer while in Bozeman,  I'll visit the Yellow Dog offices and spend a day on stream with Jim.  Thanks to Jim for taking the time at the festival to speak with me and I'm really looking forward to shooting with him next summer.    More Later    T> 

Brian Rosenberg just waiting to fish.....

I stopped in at the Madison River Fishing Company three times today. Enough to be a regular, but they still looked at me weird.  First time I was just checking out the shop, as we all do. Looking for anything that struck my fancy and didn't kill my budgie. The shop has a lot of clothing, and I need a new Patagonia nano down, box fleece coatmajigger, thingamabobber, whatchmacallit. You know the ones, in the crazy Patagonia flourescent colours.  Later in the morning I returned to the Madison River Fishing Company to meet up with Jeff Laszlo. Jeff was taking me to his O'dell Creek ranch to show me the award winning O'dell Spring Creek Restoration Project. Later,after I squeezed out every possible interview I could at the Ennis "Tie One On" Fly Fishing Festival, (which nicely co-inicided with my visit BTW) I made the tri-fecta visit and cajoled guide Brian Rosenberg into an on camera interview. Brianspoke casually about the fly fishing lifestyle in Montana, how important it is to the state and how it's a part of the culture and heritage.  Oh yeah thanks for the deal on the shirt. No, Jess I DO need another Simms shirt.  More Later T>
4 Sep

Darlington Spring Creek

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Jim Lovell checking out his work on Darlinton Spring Creek

Yesterday I spent the day with Confluence Consulting's Jim Lovell. Jim and I hit it off great. We had a fantastic time on Darlington Spring Creek. Darlington is one of Confluence Consulting's latest spring creek restorations. Jim and his team did 4500' of restoration work to a private stretch of Darlington Spring Creek in the Madison Valley, outside of the town of  Logan. It was fascinating for me to see  the work that was done, first hand and have the why's explained to me. Jim showed me scour pools, riffles and new banks that were all created with providing the best trout habitat possible in mind.  After we were finished at Darlington, Jim took me to his house and introduced me to his family in Manhattan.  Then it was back to the Confluence offices to pick up the draft plans for the restoration of Darlington Spring Creek to shoot at a later time. Thanks to Jim, the Lovell family and the great folks at Confluence for all of their help.  More Later  T.
3 Sep

Mission Hill in Montana

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SLC Merlot anyone?
Taylor Hargrove is the manager at Plonk. Probably one of the best wine bars in the American West. Definately the best wine bar in the GREAT state of Montana. I stopped in for dinner because they had WI FI, plus it looked pretty cool. It was, great decor, varied menu and a huge wine list.  But nothing from BC.  So being the ambassador of BC wine that I am, I decided to grab up a bottle of the Mission Hill SLC Merlot and introduce the wino's of Bozeman to it. Wino's in Bozeman hang in Plonk unlike in BC where they hang in alleys. Whenever I get a chance, I bend people's ears about the great wines we produce in the Okanagan. Steve Bielenberg of McCoy Spring Creeks has designated me the Canadian Beer and Wine Ambassador,  a title I don't take lightly. Of course the Mission Hill Merlot went over great. Big  thanks to Taylor and John at Plonk for their hospitality.
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Jim Lovell, Ruby and a case of Cutthroat

Jim Lovell, principal of Confluence Consutling lives in Manhattan, on Broadway.... in Montana. That's right, Manhattan, Montana. It's a quiet little community twenty minutes west of Bozeman in the Gallatin Valley. The main street is.... you guessed it,  Broadway. Jim is a beer fan (duh! who isn't) so I gave him a case of Tree Brewing's Cutthroat Pale Ale. Cutthroat Pale Ale has been a huge hit in Montana. Everyone here loves the taste and the obvious fly fishing tie in.  They love that it's Canadian Beer and everyone that drinks it wants me to get them some logo'd swag. David Thompson from Brickhouse Creative was adamant that I bring him a CPA shirt. Ask and ye shall recevie, consider it done David.  More Later T>
2 Sep

An Evening at Milesnick`s

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Waiting for the Evening Rise at Milesnick`s MZ Bar Ranch

Tom and Mary Kay are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.  I stopped in this afternoon to take some pictures of  historical photos of Tom`s Grandparents who settled in the Gallatin Valley after being flooded out by the Fort Peck Resevoir.  Mary Kay invited me into the house and we had a great conversation.  Afterwords she sent me on my way to the ranch to pick up some shots during the golden hour of evening light.  There I found Tom, chatting with  some of guide Stuart Dominck`s  clients from Virginia. Tom takes time out of his busy day to talk to everyone that comes to the MZ Bar ranch to fish. More Later T.
2 Sep

Brickhouse Creative

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David Thompson recalls his day at Circle 3 Spring Creek

I stopped by Brickhouse Creative this morning to talk on camera with David Thompson. David was still high off his day at the Circle 3 Spring Creek. Thanks to David for allowing me to interview him at work and interrupt the daily workflow of Brickhouse Creative with my noisy presence. Thanks to everyone at Brickhouse for making me feel welcome.
Unfortunately this morning Greg Fay of Fay Ranches had to cancel on me in order to meet with a client, but Greg and I met shortly this morning at the Fay Ranches offices and Greg assures me that he is eager to participate in the film and we will ge together next season.
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2 Sep

Circle 3 Spring Creek

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Brickhouse Creative's David Thompson

What an incredible day of shooting we had at the Circle 3 Ranch yesterday, thanks to Poncho McCoy and David Thompson for their time. All those rumours of big browns, I can confirm them.  I was filming Brickhouse Creative's principal David Thompson/ The first fish David Thompson hauled out for me was 24" and not a Guide 24" either.  Stodden Slough ( Circle 3 spring creek)  is a beautiful spring creek fishery and one of the latest pay for play fisheries to come on line.  The weather turned out to be incredible (althoug slightly windy) and the I shot some fantastic footage thanks to David Thompson whose casting was unfazed by the winds. . Circle 3 is one of David's clients, incidentally David's side project "Fishing Music" is providing some tracks for the Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout soundtrack. David's musical parnter Ben was supposed to join us for the day but unfortunately (for him!) couldn't make it. David said the fishing was tough, hmmmm I thought it was spectacular...... I can't fathom a better day on the Circle 3 Spring Creek. At least not for my own sanity! I recall David telling me later in the evening "they always say you never catch the biggest fish in the creek, thinking about that here.... frightens me!" BIG THANKS to David, who while he should have been driving home to Bozeman offered to row me out in the  Circle 3's pond so I could have a crack at a rising fish.  In the best way to end the evening I traded my Canon 7D for David's rod and boated another big beautiful Circle 3 brown. Poncho you were right... my Streamside guide net was to small. More Later T>

David Thompson and one of his clients (technically speaking)

2 Sep

Morning at McCoy`s

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Mike Gettleman getting sneaky at McCoy Spring Creeks

  Before I headed over to the Circle 3 Ranch to hook up with David Thompson and Poncho McCoy (former owner of McCoy Spring Creeks), I decided to say good bye to my good friend Steve Bielenberg, fishing manager at McCoy Spring Creeks. Steve wanted me to talk with Mike Gettleman, a self confessed spring creek junkie. Mike is a great angler and a good customer of many of the Montana spring creeks. Mike had booked McCoy`s for the day and had the ranch all to himself. I spent a couple of hours following Mike around during the blustery morning. Mike`s a head hunter and loves the challenge of a rising fish. It was early and cold and nothing was really happening so Mike and I agreed to meet up next year and shoot for the film. Mike tells me that he`s recently become addicted to Silver Creek so maybe I`ll get him to introduce me to Silver Creek.  More Later  T.