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The Globe and Mail's Mark Hume

   Two years ago, when I first found out that Big White (the local ski resort) wanted to drain almost three billion litres of H2O from the headwaters of the Kettle River, I hit the media PANIC button. I called and e-mailed everyone I know  in the media and urged them to get the story out. One of the first people I contacted was Mark Hume, national correspondent for The Globe and Mail. Mark penned an article the very next week condemning Big White for wanting to drain the Kettle River to fill hot tubs on the hill with water. Mark did this because (like me) he knows and loves the Kettle River. If you read his wonderful article Charm of the Kettle River at you'll get an understanding of why we both do. Mark has agreed to appear in Spring Creek and discuss the situation facing the Kettle River and why Campbell's Liberal government favours development over conservation.  I'm tremendously excited that Mark has agreed to appear in the film, because if you live in Canada and you care about fish, you read Mark Hume.      I asked Mark to wade into  this debate for this blog entry and this is  just a taste of  his take on the British Columbia Liberal party and their pro development! what environment? policies.      
The climate is changing. It is getting warmer. On Vancouver Island fisheries biologists have been building impoundments in headwaters, anticipating the day in the not too distant future when they will have to make cold water releases in the summer just to keep steelhead, salmon and trout alive. But not in the Okanagan. Not in the desert, where the government sees the potential for development at Big White and appears blind to the needs of trout in the Kettle River.People ask, what can we do? There’s only one answer. You have to make sure you vote for politicians who care about the environment. If you don’t you might wake up one day to find a beautiful lake has been drained,  or a trout stream has been put in a hot tub.             
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27 Oct

Remember these guys?

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The Great Gore-Tex Fly Fishing Campaign

The power of advertising is undeniable. This ad, perhaps more than anything, shaped the way I think about fly fishing. These three guys, Paul Dubas, Bob Krumm and Mike Craig, they made fly fishing COOL! These guys were completely different than anything that I saw going on in BC's stillwater fly fishing scene.  Back home in British Columbia, nobody wore breathable waders or coats. They wore neoprene waders and trolled a Doc Sprately pattern behind their belly boat or 12' aluminum car topper decked out in a plaid lumber jack number. I balked at the idea of interior BC stillwater trout fishing. To me it was BORING and LAME. Chironomids, hand twist retrieves and 20' leaders........ are you kidding me? I wanted to be like the guys in the GORE ad, I saw them as neo western gunslingers, who carried light weight Winston rods, small Abel reels and Brodin nets instead of six shooters. This was the complete antithesis of what I was used to in the interior of British Columbia. I swore off stillwater fly fishing instantly and instead tried to head down to mecca of trout stream fly fishing, Montana, as many times as I could.     A big thanks to Steve Shuster from Gore, Steve is the man behind this ad. If you look closely at the ad you`ll see where Dubas, Krumm and Craig  have all autographed it. That`s because Steve pulled the ad down off his wall and scanned it for me to use in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. Thanks as well to W.L. Gore for allowing the use of the ad in the film.      More Later      T.