October 2010
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21 Oct

Derek DeYoung to appear in Spring Creek…

Author: Travis

The Master himself.........

I love trout and by extension trout artwork. All art is subjective and so for me, Derek DeYoung is the best artist in the world at capturing the intrinsic beauty of trout on canvas. A beauty that is unrivaled in nature (unless by woman, wife made me add that...). Chances are you're familiar with DeYoung's work, you may (like me) even wear it on your body with one of the DeYoung Simms T-shirts. Perhaps you've seen Abel's incredible DeYoung Signature Series reels or maybe, just maybe, you're lucky enough to own a Derek DeYoung original painting.  Whatever the case, once you've seen DeYoung's work you'll agree, Derek's love of trout goes beyond the norm. His ability to capture the essence of a trout sets him apart from other artists of the genre. Naturally, I wanted to find out more about this talent and so when I discovered that Derek and his wife Janelle (also an artist) had set up shop in Livingston, only minutes away from the most famous spring creeks in Montana, I contacted him right away and asked if he would like to be a featured angler in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. Derek graciously agreed. But the more we spoke  and the more I found out about his career, the more I realised that a small segment in the film just didn't seem to do his art or his story justice. And so I'm extremely happy to announce that Derek and I have agreed to produce a documentary short featuring "the man and his art". We're only in the pre-production phase of the project right now but plans are underway for a spring 2011 shoot at Derek's studios. Of course "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" so we'll probably have to slip over to Armstrong's for a day of fishing an filming as well.    If you don't know Derek's work, you should.   THE BIO:   Derek DeYoung is one of those artists that was born painting. By age six, he was declaring to his schoolmates and family that he would one day be a famous artist. Few people who knew him well ever doubted this prediction. His parents say he was a stubborn little kid, but that very stubbornness is what now gives him the strength to persevere the hardships that accompany the life of an artist.    “I’ve committed my life to being an artist, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To be an artist is more then just painting a scene on canvas. An artist sees the world differently then most people. I am always seeking out the beauty in life and in the world, searching for that magical experience or vision that will inspire me to paint at a higher level. The act of pursuing trout and steelhead with a fly rod contains so many of these magical moments. For me the truly inspirational vision, both as an artist and as an angler, comes once I’ve landed a particularly beautiful fish. I hold it up, tilting the fish back and forth in the sunlight, allowing all the subtle colors and patterns to come alive.”   DeYoung’s work has veered off from the traditional fish illustration style. His paintings are very contemporary, placing more importance on using a unique style and palette rather than painting a fish to look photo realistic.   Now days it’s less important to Derek to become that “Famous Artist” he told everyone he would become. He’s just happy to have built his life around his two loves, painting and fly fishing.   More Later,   T>

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