October 2010
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27 Oct

Remember these guys?

Author: Travis

The Great Gore-Tex Fly Fishing Campaign

The power of advertising is undeniable. This ad, perhaps more than anything, shaped the way I think about fly fishing. These three guys, Paul Dubas, Bob Krumm and Mike Craig, they made fly fishing COOL! These guys were completely different than anything that I saw going on in BC's stillwater fly fishing scene.  Back home in British Columbia, nobody wore breathable waders or coats. They wore neoprene waders and trolled a Doc Sprately pattern behind their belly boat or 12' aluminum car topper decked out in a plaid lumber jack number. I balked at the idea of interior BC stillwater trout fishing. To me it was BORING and LAME. Chironomids, hand twist retrieves and 20' leaders........ are you kidding me? I wanted to be like the guys in the GORE ad, I saw them as neo western gunslingers, who carried light weight Winston rods, small Abel reels and Brodin nets instead of six shooters. This was the complete antithesis of what I was used to in the interior of British Columbia. I swore off stillwater fly fishing instantly and instead tried to head down to mecca of trout stream fly fishing, Montana, as many times as I could.     A big thanks to Steve Shuster from Gore, Steve is the man behind this ad. If you look closely at the ad you`ll see where Dubas, Krumm and Craig  have all autographed it. That`s because Steve pulled the ad down off his wall and scanned it for me to use in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. Thanks as well to W.L. Gore for allowing the use of the ad in the film.      More Later      T.

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