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16 Nov

Soundtrack News….SOTS!

Author: Travis 0 comments
One thing I have learned in 20 years in the Canadian Film and Television industry is that sound is absolutely critical to the visual image. A picture may tell a thousand words but add audio and that picture will transcend to emotion. So I'm totally stoked to announce that Kansas based Spirit of the Stairs, has agreed to become part of the Spring Creek film soundtrack. I first became aware SOTS a year ago when I stumbled on their video for doq,doq,doq on the front page of Vimeo. After watching the video 10 times in a row (a great production in it's own right)  I was a die hard fan. The sonic range these guys manage to master is sick!  Twin guitarists ( Explorers no less!) and dual drummers. What's not to love? My wife dragged me kicking and screaming to a Jay Z concert a while back, Jay Z had two fantastic drummers and they filled the arena like John Bonham. Ever since then I've been sold on the dual drummer idea.  If you want your bottom end to sound like Zepplin, you need two drummers! When I approached the band with the idea for the soundtrack they were enthusastic, Torin Rodd of SOTS said "This appears to be right up our alley.  We have also been wanting to get in to soundtracks because we feel the same way you do about the silent narrative that speaks through our wordless songs."  So, crank it to 11, D-load the vid and listen to the boys from Kansas absolutely "KILL IT"  on doq,doq, doq. More Later T>