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Doug Lowe and his trademark Red Ball waders at Nelson's Spring Creek

The first time I fished a spring creek, was with my father. My father was not an avid angler. But from the time I was a toddler until  he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, we spent a lot of our time together on rivers. I would love to say that I inherited my passion for fly fishing from my father or that he introduced me to the magic of spring creek angling. But the truth is, the only reason I think my father fly fished at all, was because I did. For him, the appeal wasn't in the chance to land a trophy or the enjoyment of the environs where wild trout are found. No, for my father, it was something bigger than the catch, something more elusive than trout and something more rewarding than angling itself. It was time spent with his son. My father loved me dearly and despite our differences later in life, I loved my father. My father's battle with cancer ended this morning. He passed away quietly in his sleep at Hopsice House. Thank you to everyone for their care and support during this trying time.  

 My father was, still is and will always be my hero.   

 I love you Pop, so long and thanks for all the fish.   


Doug Lowe   


30 years ago, Mark Angelo organized a few friends to float the Thompson River and clean up garbage. That was the genesis of BC Rivers Day, a day that celebrates our rivers and the need for their conservation. 6 years ago after the UN's International Year of Freshwater, BC Rivers Day went global becoming World Rivers Day. An event celebrated in over 60 countries by millions of people. For his work Mark Angelo has been honoured with the Order of BC, the Order of Canada and the United Nations Stewardship Award. He is a tireless river conservationist, an avid spring creek angler and an inspiration.