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  After filming  for a year on the spring creeks of Montana, one of the things I learned, was the importance of the right fly patterns. Not suprisingly, the patterns I had in my boxes for the freestones streams of  British Columbia, weren't exactly slaying them on the placid spring creeks of Montana . It became pretty clear to me that I need some help in the form of a "killer" patterns. Only one company came to mind, the Montana Fly Company.  So I contacted MFC President, Adam Trina. When Adam and MFC found out about the Spring Creek : Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout film, they were on board immediately, a testament to their committment to conservation ideals. "Montana's spring creeks are MFC's favorite testing grounds for new patterns, so naturally we were delighted when Travis asked us to partener with him in his conservation film" says MFC's Adam Trina.  Next year when I return for another year of filming in Montana and Idaho, I'll do so with the right patterns, thanks to MFC.  But MFC isn't just a fly company they offer a huge line of the latest fly tying materials, great tools and accessories and much more. New for 2010 are two reels; the Madison and the Yellowstone. One of the great things MFC offers is the River Camo and Fish Skin line of gear.  They've even got Iphone covers.... how cool is that? Check it all out at More Later T>

Scientific Anglers

Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout has been fortunate enough to attract major sponsors in Winston and Abel and now the latest "official" sponsor, Scientific Anglers . Jeff Wieringa,  Business Development Manager for 3M Sports and Leisure confirmed for me on the phone last Monday that Scientific Anglers would become an official sponsor for the film.  Industry insiders will remember that Wieringa started J.W. Outfitters in 1989, bringing an entirely new concept in chests packs, fly-tying kits and pontoon boats to fly anglers. His company was acquired by 3M in 1990, when he then moved to 3M’s corporate lab in St. Paul, Minn. to work on product design and development. He’s been a key player in bringing new products including Scientific Anglers Sharkskin fly lines and waterproof fly boxes to the market. In 2008, he moved into his current management role as project manager for the entire Scientific Anglers product group, overseeing sales and marketing, along with the overall development and management of the Scientific Anglers brand at 3M. I pleased that Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout  will benefit from the innovations that Jeff has helped 3M and Scientific Anglers bring to fly fishing industry. More Later, T>