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13 Feb

Photo Gallery

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Took some time today to launch the Photo Gallery page of the website. 33 images and more to come. Take a look. More Later T>
13 Feb

Follow me @springcreekfilm

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Everyone who knows me, knows that I abhor social media, especially Facebook.  Abstinence has been my social meadia credo until I started making the feature documentary film, Spring Creek:Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout.  At that point I realized that in order to garner some attention for my project I would have to a) have a website... b) I was probably going to have to blog.  So I bit the bullet and called in favour from a web design friend, Stephen Hayes McCoy and was born. Ever since, I have been blogging through 7 months or so of production on my film. But recently my attitude towards social media changed (at least a little) after attending a "Social Media" seminar by Jive Communications. So I have decided to start a twitter account to post information about the film.  Hopefully I can reach the 2.4% anglers currently using Twitter as social media according to a recent survey by Southwick Associates!!!! More Later T>

Spring Creek Welcomes Fisknat Landing Nets....

The first time I saw a "Guide Boat" net from Fisknat was in the back of Steve Summerhill's SUV last summer. Steve is part owner of The River's Edge in Bozeman. He was gearing up for day of shooting with me at McCoy Spring Creeks  , just outside of Dillon. What immediately drew my eye to it was the fine finish as well as the pattern of the rubber net bag. "Want me to bring that along?" Summerhill asked me. I believe my reply was "HELL YES.... who makes those? I want one!" Steve chuckled and proceeded to tell me about how Bob Nelson personally hand crafts his beautiful Fisknat landing nets out of Tacoma, Washington. I tucked the info in the back of my mind and Steve Bielenberg, Fishing Manager and all around Guru carried the net all day.  We got some great footage that day and the net framed  A LOT of it.  I was recently reminded of Fisknat by Dave McCoy (no relation to McCoy Spring Creeks). Dave is the owner and head guide for Emerald Water Anglers based out of where else? Seattle.  He's also an accomplished photographer in his own right. Dave and I plan to hook up to shoot a segment for the film at Rocky Ford and a few secret "desert spring creeks".  While chatting about our plans we talked about nets and photography, he mentioned he had a couple of nets that photographed really well. When I pressed him about the nets he said "a guy name Bob Nelson makes out of Tacoma, Washington." "What's the name of the company?" I queried. "Fisknat..." Dave told me. I don't know how I forgot about Summerhills fine net, but I contacted Fisknat right away and I'm extremely happy to announce that Fisknat has become a sponsor for Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout.  Fisknat was the first landing net manufacturer to make a complete line of light weight rubber bag landing nets.  It's common knowledge that rubber net bags are easier on fish because they tend to remove less body slime and scales than ordiantry twine or nylon mesh bags. A conservation ideal that fits with the Spring Creek film's ideals.  Regarding the use of rubber net bags Bob says "About a dozen years ago some of the local Guides and shop owners started bugging me to put a rubber bag in a wood boat net frame (only available in metal frames ) because the net suppliers at the time said wood and rubber were not a good fit. When we took off like a wildfire."  Take a look at Bob's work at More Later T>