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29 Apr

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses!

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Big Box O'Costas

  I just got a big box O' Costas from Costa Del Mar!!! Some pretty sweet shades. Way comfortable frames and super cool stylin'.  I'm loving the Gallo's and the Permit's myself. But I'm goin rock the big silver framed Corbina's with copper glass 580 Costa lenses.  Big shout out to Costa for sponsoring the film and giving featured anglers Costas! Personal thanks to Amanda Perryman, Conservation and Pro Rep. for Costa, who helped make this all happen.  Take a look at Costa's website for more info. You'll see that besides being committed to making the best polarized sunglasses for angling, Costa is also committed to conservation. Costa's mantra..."sunglasses that deliver the ultimate performance. A need to explore. A responsibility to protect the planet. These are the things we live for and the adventures that drive us." More Later T>
I am a lucky man, my wife is Jessica Samuels. She has her own talk radio show, called "Jacked in with Jessica" on AM1150 from 4 to 6pm. Jess is a veritable PIT BULL when it comes to inviting politicians on her talk show and holding them accountable and taking them to task over the situation facing my homewaters the Kettle River. Listen to her interview Steve" I thought most of the river was already catch and release" Thompson the Minister of Natural Resources today. Thanks Jess. More Later T> Steve Thomson re Kettle
25 Apr

What it’s all about….

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Every once in awhile, if you treat her right and spend some time with her, the river will lift up her skirt and show you her secrets. You should count yourself lucky when she does. Such was the case yesterday when Pete Caron and I spent the afternoon on a section of our homewaters I like to think of as "little Montana". We ran smack into midday callebatis hatch. Fish, ravenous after a long winter, were gorging themselves topside on March Browns. Part of the film Spring Creek deals with the situation facing my homewaters, the most endangered river in British Columbia. Many people, have already written this river off. Some don't even think it can be saved and worse, some are fool enough to think enough is being done already to save it. For a river that is estimated to have only a measely 180 trout per mile, sitting back and waiting isn't an option any longer. If every one thought a problem was too insurmountable to overcome, nothing would ever get done. Hopefully the film will help draw attention to the situation. Every once in awhile the river throws out a nice fish....and this is only one small reason everything we can do the save the river, must be done. BTW, the new SP11 Patagonia gear was fantastic. Hiking around in the new boots was a joy, instead of feeling like I was wearing cement anchors on both feet! More Later T>
Check out the story I wrote for CHBC Television on the Kettle River's ranking as BC's Most Endangered River. This is the second year in a row the river has topped the list. The story uses footage and an interview with Mark Angelo from Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. More Later T>
19 Apr

Mark Angelo Audio Interview

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Mark Angelo Interview Listen to AM1150's Jessica Samuels from "Jacked in With Jessica" interview Mark Angelo Rivers Chair for the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, regarding the Kettle River topping the ORC's "BC's Most Endangered River" for two years in a row. More Later T>
Yesterday the Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia released it's annual "BC's Most Endangered River" list. For the second straight year my homewaters and part focus of the film "Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout" the Kettle River is the Most Endangered River in British Columbia.
8 Apr

Patagonia visits Abel Reels

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Everything went fantastic down in So Cal. The shoot went off phenomenally, with everyone's help at Abel. Thanks to all for putting up with the camera! Wednesday a couple of important guests dropped by Abel to take the factory tour, meet up with yours truly and talk about what's up with the film. Bart Bonime, head of fly fishing for Patagonia and founding father of Patagonia and environmental icon, Yvon Chouinard dropped by Abel reels. Abel is actually just a couple of miles down the Ventura Highway from Patagonia. Both Bart and YC seemed pretty impressed by all the hand work that goes into Abel's manufacturing process. But it was Abel's new nippers that really seemed to catch YC's eye! Stay tuned for more news regarding Yvon Chouinard's involvement in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. Pictured from the left, Abel Reels President and all around cool dude, Don Swanson... Abel's Chief Designer and V.P. Glen Krapff, Head of Fly Fishing and a mean BBQ artist Bart Bonime and of course the legend himself, YC. More Later T>
5 Apr

Abel is…..

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Good people, doing incredible work. Today was a full day shooting the milling and maching process at Abel Reels. Very intensive considering Abel machines everything for its reels. Thanks to all the great people at Abel for their patience today as I barked orders to repeat moves over and over again for the camera. More Later T>
4 Apr

@ Abel Reels

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I can't believe I actually made it down to Abel Reels in Camarillo, California in one piece. Aside from Air Canada temporarily losing my camera jib crane in Vancouver at YVR, then making me sit in a small room and wait for 30 minutes as they looked for it and had customs clear it, it was a great flight down. I'm glad I got a shuttle from LAX, however the driver's skills were borderline roadrage. I'm just glad I was able to sit back and relax. I arrived at Abel Reels around 4:30pm this afternoon and was greeted by the president of Abel, Don Swanson. Don's the mastermind behind getting me down here to film and a great guy. In fact everyone at Abel is fantastic. Don gave me a quick tour of HQ and it's unbelievable the amount of hands on precision crafting that goes into every Abel Reel. After that I had the pleasure of having dinner with Glen Krapff Abel's chief designer, Jeff Patterson, head of sales and Don and his finance, Heather. Great food and company. Tuesday morning we'll get to work filming. More Later T>
1 Apr

McCoy Spring Creeks

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A new clip from the film that focuses on the McCoy Spring Creeks portion of the film. More Later T>