April 2011
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25 Apr

What it’s all about….

Author: Travis
Every once in awhile, if you treat her right and spend some time with her, the river will lift up her skirt and show you her secrets. You should count yourself lucky when she does. Such was the case yesterday when Pete Caron and I spent the afternoon on a section of our homewaters I like to think of as "little Montana". We ran smack into midday callebatis hatch. Fish, ravenous after a long winter, were gorging themselves topside on March Browns. Part of the film Spring Creek deals with the situation facing my homewaters, the most endangered river in British Columbia. Many people, have already written this river off. Some don't even think it can be saved and worse, some are fool enough to think enough is being done already to save it. For a river that is estimated to have only a measely 180 trout per mile, sitting back and waiting isn't an option any longer. If every one thought a problem was too insurmountable to overcome, nothing would ever get done. Hopefully the film will help draw attention to the situation. Every once in awhile the river throws out a nice fish....and this is only one small reason everything we can do the save the river, must be done. BTW, the new SP11 Patagonia gear was fantastic. Hiking around in the new boots was a joy, instead of feeling like I was wearing cement anchors on both feet! More Later T>

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