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30 Jun

Thanks Again to Everyone…

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McCoy Spring Creeks Rainbow

29 Jun

Spring Creek Legend

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Relaxing on the Railroad Ranch

Mike Lawson is a Spring Creek Icon. He wrote the book on Spring Creek angling, literally. I spent three days with Mike and his family down in Last Chance, Idaho and would like to thank him and everyone else I met there for their wonderful hospitatlity. I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Henrys Fork and the Railroad Ranch by one its veterans. Mike Lawson is a phenomenal angler and it was a pleasure to watch him work. I definately learned a lot from him in the few days we spent together. Most of all I made a new friend with Mike and his good friend Mick Mickelson. Thanks Mike. I'll be back in September. More Later T>
28 Jun

Thanks for all the fish…

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That's MR. Brown Trout to you

 Big thanks to everyone who helped me with the film in the last two weeks. I'm back home in Kelowna now transferring folders and files and viewing some of the footage that was shot from Montana to Idaho.  Due to the fact my Canon 7D took a bit of a dunking at the Circle 3 Ranch after David Ondaatje landed a pretty fat rainbow, I was unable to get over to Silver Creek and hook up with Brian Bennett, co-captain of Moldy Chum and Fly Fishing Sales Manager for Patagonia. B2 totally sorry man. We will have to resked that shoot.  Thanks to Ed and Jeannine at the Rainbow Valley Lodge who hosted me in Ennis.  I can't forget to mention Jeff Laszlo. Thanks to Jeff and his family for letting Craig Matthews and Yvon Chouinard and myself fish the Granger Ranch's O'Dell Creek Ranch for two days.  Really nice to be invited into the house and showed the history of the ranch afterwards. I was lucky to be able to get Craig and Yvon into the film and I would like to thank them for their time, those two guys can really fish.  Have to mention Tim Murphy and Peter Weber from Hall and Hall for showing me the Beaverhead Spring Creek Ranch.  Sirry Tom McGuane couldn't make it. As always my boy Steve Bielenberg at McCoy Spring Creeks and Mr. Cliff Inge, thanks guys. Good to see those guys. Big thanks to Bill Kemph and Greg Lilly for everything from Circle 3 to the Healing Waters Lodge and the float down the Big Hole during the Salmon Fly hatch! Cheers to Bart Doig and Butch. Thanks to Rob VanDeren at the Open A Ranch. Here's to Josh at 4 Rivers for fishing me on the Beaverhead and Greg for letting me up on the roof of the old building. Thanks to Christine Warren the Fly Chick! Can't forget all the good people at Winston, David and Christian Ondaatje, and Leslie. Big thanks to Justin Devers for meeting up with me at McCoy Spring Creeks at the last minute. If I forgot anyone and I probably did, here's to you! More Later T>
27 Jun

Spring Creek From the Sky

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McCoy Spring Creeks from the Air
Had an incredible flight over Dillon and McCoy Spring Creeks thanks to Cliff Inge and Dennis at the Dillon Air Service. Dennis and I waited till the golden hour before taking off. I was looking for the right light and we found it.  I actually took my GoPro HD camera with the suction cup mounted and stuck it to the wing of Dennis' Cessna. It stayed put even at 180mph. There is a ton of spring water in that valley and it's incredible to see it all from the air. Look for some of that footage to be posted on McCoy's website as well and footage shot from to other cameras in the plane to be featured in the film.
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Attaching the GO PRO

27 Jun

O’Dell Creek

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Craig Matthews Brown From O'Dell Creek
Thanks to Craig Matthews and Yvon Chouinard for two great days of filming at the O'Dell Creek Ranch in the Madison Valley. Both Craig and Yvon got into several good fish over the two day shoot. Special thanks to Jeff Laszlo for letting us film at the ranch. I spoked with both Craig and Yvon about conservation and environmentalism for the film and really appreciate both of these fine anglers taking time to be part of the film.
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Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard. Photo by Craig Matthews

17 Jun

So far, So Good

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Bill Kemph Ropin' Brown Trout

Right now I'm downloading files on to my laptop at Mike Lawson's house in St. Anthony Idaho. Mike and I have been fishing the Henry's Fork for the last two days and will get back out there first thing Saturday morning. Hopefully the light will be on our side. The weather has definately not cooperated.  Above is a picture of Bill Kemph fishing the Van Deren's Open "A" Ranch. The Van Deren's are thinking about undergoing a restoration to their five mile stretch of Albers Slough just above the confluence of the Beaverhead River. I'll be heading back to Twin Bridges next week to hook up with Bill and Winston owner David Ondaatje to fish the Circle 3 Spring Creek. More Later, T>
9 Jun

Abel Reels

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Don Swanson and the great folks at Abel Reels have been behind the Spring Creek film project since the beginning! So when Don asked me to produce a corporate film for Abel Reels, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved with such a great company. Two months and countless hours of post production later, here's a first look at the Abel Reels production.  Be sure the watch in HD be selecting 720P in the bottom right drop down menu. Enjoy! More Later T>
9 Jun

My Itinerary

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  Saturday is the start of two weeks of straight shooting for Spring Creek. Here's the itinerary so I can check back periodically and figure out where the hell I am supposed to be each day.  Sunday and Monday June 12th and 13th I am shooting with Craig Matthews of Blue Ribbon Flies , one of the Yellowstone areas most celebrated anglers and of course iconic environmentalist and founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard. Both Craig and Yvon formed 1% For the Planet. We'll be fishing O'Dell Creek on the Granger Ranch thanks to award winning land steward, Jeff Laszlo whom I shot with last year. Tuedsay June 14th, Bill Kemph of Lilly and Kemph Outfitters and part of owner of Healing Waters Lodge is taking me to meet the Van Deren family. The Van Deren's own the Open A Ranch just outside of Dillon and have plans to restore their section of Albers Sloug a wonderful spring creek which is actually just downstream from McCoy Spring Creeks. Wednesday I'll visiting with Tim Murphy, from Hall and Hall at the Beaverhead Spring Creek Ranch, this place promised to be as close to heaven as yours truly will ever get! Tim is bringing along his good friend, acclaimed novelist and angler, Tom McGuane.  Thursday June 16th, it's off to Idaho for three days to study under the tutelage of  "the" spring creek guru himself, Mike Lawson. Mike owns the Henry's Fork Angler and has written the bible of spring creek fishing simply entitled Spring Creeks. Mike and will be hitting the Harriman Park just after opening day and the water is going to be HIGH! After that I'm back into Montana and home of RL Winston,  Twin Bridges. I'm trying to work in meeting up with Erik Kalsta just outside of Glen, Montana. Erik has just recently completed a lengthy restoration to Kalsta spring creek a tributary to the Big Hole and has invited me to his ranch to see how the work has progressed.  Next up is Hollywood filmmaker and Winston owner, David Ondaatje. David is going to show me a spring creek tributary to the Ruby and then the following day we are trying to hook up with Bill Kemph to return to Circle 3 Spring Creek, the home of the biggeest browns I have ever seen.  After that I am taking a day off to fish with my good friend Steve "Holy Moly Mama" Bielenberg at McCoy Spring Creeks, no camera. Nothing but fishing and I will taking first crack at all the fish until somebody takes me down.  The post game meal for that day is being held at Healing Waters Lodge and it promises to be the best of the trip! After that I am back to Idaho to meet with B2. Brian Bennett of Moldy Chum fame and fly fishing sales manager for Patagonia. B2 and I are going to sack Silver Creek and the brown drake hatch. Lots of drinking thrown in for good measure there.  That will about do me right in so I will crawl back to Canada and await my next foray into Big Sky country in September. More Later T>  
5 Jun

James and the Giant Brown

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James Anderson's angling heritage is undeniable. He grew up fishing the famous spring creeks of Montana's Paradise Valley and guides out of his Dad's shop, George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler.  So when I was looking for someone to show me around the Livinston area, Anderson's name kept coming up and so did this picture of him with the one of the biggest Yellowstone brown trout  anybody has ever seen. I'm pretty excited that James has agreed to let me tag along to a few of his favorite spring creek haunts this September. James is also threatening to "bring the old man along"! James says " Growing up next to three of the world's finest spring creeks was pure luck.  I was born into a fly fishing family and as early as I can remember my father was taking me out to the creeks.  Now a days I try not to bother the ranchers too often, but they let me out there from time to time.  The creeks are definitely some of the most gorgeous places an angler can wet a line.   They are home some of the most beautiful trout you'll ever find. Due to the difficulty of the creeks, each and every fish is a trophy.  Sometimes people get psyched out of fishing the creeks, which is a shame because even if they just went for a walk out there their Montana trip would be enhanced.  If I'm ever reincarnated as trout, no doubt the creeks are where I'd swim... " Couldn't agree with you more on that last line, James.In addition to being an accomplished angler, James is a great fly fishing photographer. Check out his work here. More Later T

From Depuy's looking at Armstrong's - Photo James Anderson


Tom McGuane and Tierra Del Fuego Sea Run Brown Sunset

  "If you fish, there's an implied responsibility to care for the environment." Words of wisdom from one of America's most acclaimed literary figures, Fly Rod and Reel's Angler of the Year for 2010 and Nick Lyon's Angler of the Last 100 years. I honored that Mr. McGuane will join Tim Murphy for a day of fishing on the Beaverhead Spring Creek Ranch on June 15th, for the film. For those of you who don't know about arguably the best angling writer in history, More Later T>