June 2011
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28 Jun

Thanks for all the fish…

Author: Travis

That's MR. Brown Trout to you

 Big thanks to everyone who helped me with the film in the last two weeks. I'm back home in Kelowna now transferring folders and files and viewing some of the footage that was shot from Montana to Idaho.  Due to the fact my Canon 7D took a bit of a dunking at the Circle 3 Ranch after David Ondaatje landed a pretty fat rainbow, I was unable to get over to Silver Creek and hook up with Brian Bennett, co-captain of Moldy Chum and Fly Fishing Sales Manager for Patagonia. B2 totally sorry man. We will have to resked that shoot.  Thanks to Ed and Jeannine at the Rainbow Valley Lodge who hosted me in Ennis.  I can't forget to mention Jeff Laszlo. Thanks to Jeff and his family for letting Craig Matthews and Yvon Chouinard and myself fish the Granger Ranch's O'Dell Creek Ranch for two days.  Really nice to be invited into the house and showed the history of the ranch afterwards. I was lucky to be able to get Craig and Yvon into the film and I would like to thank them for their time, those two guys can really fish.  Have to mention Tim Murphy and Peter Weber from Hall and Hall for showing me the Beaverhead Spring Creek Ranch.  Sirry Tom McGuane couldn't make it. As always my boy Steve Bielenberg at McCoy Spring Creeks and Mr. Cliff Inge, thanks guys. Good to see those guys. Big thanks to Bill Kemph and Greg Lilly for everything from Circle 3 to the Healing Waters Lodge and the float down the Big Hole during the Salmon Fly hatch! Cheers to Bart Doig and Butch. Thanks to Rob VanDeren at the Open A Ranch. Here's to Josh at 4 Rivers for fishing me on the Beaverhead and Greg for letting me up on the roof of the old building. Thanks to Christine Warren the Fly Chick! Can't forget all the good people at Winston, David and Christian Ondaatje, and Leslie. Big thanks to Justin Devers for meeting up with me at McCoy Spring Creeks at the last minute. If I forgot anyone and I probably did, here's to you! More Later T>

2 Responses to “Thanks for all the fish…”

  1. Adam Trina says:

    Sounds like a great beginning to a great film. How did the MFC bugs and other gear work out? AT

    • Travis says:


      Montana Fly Company, product and flies were fantastic throughout the shoot. The River Camo line of products were popular with everyone.
      Thanks for your support! Are we still on for Thailand?



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