June 2011
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5 Jun

James and the Giant Brown

Author: Travis

James Anderson's angling heritage is undeniable. He grew up fishing the famous spring creeks of Montana's Paradise Valley and guides out of his Dad's shop, George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler.  So when I was looking for someone to show me around the Livinston area, Anderson's name kept coming up and so did this picture of him with the one of the biggest Yellowstone brown trout  anybody has ever seen. I'm pretty excited that James has agreed to let me tag along to a few of his favorite spring creek haunts this September. James is also threatening to "bring the old man along"! James says " Growing up next to three of the world's finest spring creeks was pure luck.  I was born into a fly fishing family and as early as I can remember my father was taking me out to the creeks.  Now a days I try not to bother the ranchers too often, but they let me out there from time to time.  The creeks are definitely some of the most gorgeous places an angler can wet a line.   They are home some of the most beautiful trout you'll ever find. Due to the difficulty of the creeks, each and every fish is a trophy.  Sometimes people get psyched out of fishing the creeks, which is a shame because even if they just went for a walk out there their Montana trip would be enhanced.  If I'm ever reincarnated as trout, no doubt the creeks are where I'd swim... " Couldn't agree with you more on that last line, James.In addition to being an accomplished angler, James is a great fly fishing photographer. Check out his work here. More Later T

From Depuy's looking at Armstrong's - Photo James Anderson


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