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22 Jul

Production Problems, Spring Creek Forced Hiatus

Author: Travis
Got some pretty bad news from Canon Canada just the other day. Seems my 7D is toast. Canon had claimed the 7D as one of it's most weatherproof cameras, but I proved them wrong. Unfortunately the 7D absorbed a little water on a shoot in June at the Circle 3 Spring Creek with my friends Bill Kemph and Winston's David Ondaatje. David has just finished landing a toad of a rainbow from the upper section of Circle 3. Bill and David had just spent some time ensuring the fish was revived in the net. I put the 7D down in the grass and left it rolling as I grabbed the Go Pro HD underwater camera to shoot the release. Well you can see the rest in the video below. Accidents happen and I guess you're not making a fly fishing film unless your getting a camera or two wet! As a result I am scrambling right now to replace the 7D and shooting for the film is on hiatus until I do.  I have already had to cancel some shoots for the film (sorry Brian Bennett!) and I will probably loose this summer for shooting which will of course delay the release of the film.  It's all very depressing, not to mention costly. So I am going fishing tomorrow, although mostly I will be collecting pop cans, empties along the river for the 7D fund! If anyone has a 7D laying around for cheap, be sure to hit me up! More Later T>

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