August 2011
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10 Aug

Beaverhead Rock

Author: Travis

Beaverhead Valley

I got an e-mail yesterday from Rob VanDeren who's family owns the Open "A" Ranch outside of Dillon.  Rob has five miles of Albers spring creek on the open "A" and is preparing to do some stream restoration work on the creek this winter. I was down  shooting with Rob for the film earlier this summer.  Bill Kemph of Lilly and Kemph Outfitters and Healing Waters Lodge is the exclusive guide for the Open "A" ranch,  and in fact Greg Lilly was out with a client on the creek when Rob sent me the e-mail. When I spoke to Bill for the film, he told me that the Open "A" has the potential to become one of the best spring creeks in the world after restoration. Huge browns use the creek, running up from the Beaverhead, seen here in the picture (the Open "A" is upper middle of photo).  Rob is waiting for the winter to start work " I'll go out with Kelly Rowe  of Rowe Excavation and Bill Kemph and see what we can design. Kelly does a lot of stream work, I think hed did the work on the Beaverhead Spring Creek Ranch you fished in June" he told me. " Most of the work will be done in the winter, when the ground is either dry or frozen, to support the heavy equipment and minimize damage to the streamside vegetation."  It's possible due to the fact that I lost almost an entire summer of shooting for the film with the soaked Canon 7D that I might get back to the Open "A" next season and shoot the results for the film.  Thanks to Rob for sharing the picture and the update! More Later T>

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