August 2011
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16 Aug

Licences? We don’t need no stinking Licences!

Author: Travis
  This video pretty much tells the story. Sunday I floated the Kettle with my good friend Pete Caron, we were looking at identifying places that might qualify as candidates for our Trout Unlimited restoration project. Just below the put in, Pete and I spotted some anglers on the bank.  As we approached in the raft one of them retreated into the bushes on the bank and hid from view. The other remained at the top of the rip rap bank.  When we floated by we aknowledged the angler, he didn't speak English or didn't seem to understand or hears us. We noticed he held a coke can in his hand and we were able to discern that he had fishing line wrapped around it and some sort of fishing rig attached.  We floated past and watched the guy from the boat.  As we got down stream we witnessed two other men come out of the bushes both with spinning rods in hand.  They returned to the river's edge and started casting. The property they were fishing on is adjacent to the Hansinger Nursery.  The run they were fishing used to be one of the best on the float. But it hasn't produce a fish in a year or two. On the Kettle that means you could literally walk the entire bank for 100 yards, stare perfectly into gin clear water and see NO FISH.  Not one.  Pete and I stopped at the next run, I watched the 3 men on the bank fish.  It wasn't hard to surmise that these men were probably migrant farmworkers and would have no licences and may be fishing with bait and killing fish in a section of the Kettle River that is C&R and has a bait ban in place. The more I watched them, the angrier I became. I must have blew a gasket because the next thing I know I was marching upstream, crossing the river towards the bank they were fishing. I knew I just couldn't live with myself unless I did something about it. The rest you can watch in the video. When I approached the men the admitted to working for the Nursery. My guess is they are living on the property for the summer and fishing on their day off, but my question is, should the Nursery owner be responsible for his workers?  In my mind, their is no question.  Putting an end to this kind of EVERYONE's responsibility. What's that cliche? If you're not part of soultion, you're part of the problem. T>  

One Response to “Licences? We don’t need no stinking Licences!”

  1. Mike Kirkpatrick says:

    …Speechless…. Mate I’d carry on your march to the migrant workers employer and not leave till both barrels were smoking!
    Hard to keep the faith when stuff like this carries on… Keep up the great work big fella.
    Mike Kirkpatrick, Latitude Guiding, New Zealand.

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