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25 Sep


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Evening on upper Armstrong's Spring Creek
James Anderson, Livingston's very own home boy,  gettin' after it on the upper section of Armstrong's Spring Creek. Keep your gear neatly stowed away when with James otherwise he will "forget" in the grass on you at every chance!!! "Ah James do have my streamer box?" James, " I think I left back at the last hole, sorry"  "James, where's the net?" James, "ah I think's back at the last bend"  Stay tuned for lots more with James Anderson for the film.
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25 Sep

Fall Fishing

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Last Friday was a blue bird day on the Kettle for myself and good friend Pete Caron. With flows running around 200cfs we spend the day on a 5km walk and wade. Everything clicked. Fish were in all the typical holding lies for fall and some where in great shape after summer of feeding.  For the first time on the Kettle this summer I didn't run into anyone illegally fishing, in fact we saw no other anglers. We did run into a couple of guys building a tree blind and just downstream there was a fresh blook kill trail right along the river, but that's fishing during hunting season. I didn't bother to bring along a real camera, opting instead for the Go Pro, just in case. This was probably a huge factor in having such a banner day on stream.  The flying ant hatch was on the menu but a well placed hopper with a little action was the real ticket.  Check out the video below that Pete shot of me landing on the day's many rainbows. I love the Go Pro with the Eye of Mine housing, underwater focus is no longer an issue. Audio from these cameras sucks, so it has been stripped from the clip. More Later T>