September 2011
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22 Sep

“Connecting” with Jim Klug

Author: Travis
Jim Klug and I first met last September at the Ennis Fly Fishing Festival. Jim was promoting his business Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures and I was looking to interview anyone who would talk to me about economic importance of fly fishing to the state of Montana. Jim ever amiable, graciously agreed. As soon as Jim started to speak I realized that I would have to come back and spend a day or two with Jim to really glean what he had to say regarding Montana and fly fishing. The first words out of his mouth during that interview were "Fly fishing is Montana and Montana is Fly fishing, the two are synonymous." I couldn't have agreed more. I knew then that a quick interview at the Ennis festival wasn't exactly going to do what Jim had to offer, justice. So I made plans to return to Montana and spend some time with Jim at Yellow Dog and out on the water.  What I didn't know at the time we talked was Klug's extensive background in the fly fishing industry, his CV is impressive to say the least. Check out Jim's bio here.  After numerous e-mails and a few phone calls I was able to nail Jim down to date and just finished up a day's shoot with him this past Friday in Bozeman. Jim was grounded for fly fishing travel due to the recent birth of his third child, Waylon and was also waiting to deliver another third child of sorts, Confluence Film's latest "Connect".  Besides being director of operations at Yellow Dog and AFFTA chairman, Jim is also half of Confluence Films. His partner in Confluence is long time Warren Miller Cinematographer Chris Patterson. Together Chris and Jim have brought us Drift and Rise and now Connect. Check out the trailer below for Connect. While I was in Bozeman Jim was preparing to drop the film on a VIP audience at a invitational premiere in Bozeman, Octobober 7th. Jim managed to clear off an entire day for Spring Creek shooting and we hit the Gallatin and Milesnick's spring creek. My thanks goes to the gang at Yellow Dog (to Brita, sorry for letting Auggie out!) and to Mary Kay Milesnick for getting us on the creek and of course to Jim Klug for his time. Jim makes a fantastic addition to a great line up of anglers already in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. More Later T>

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