October 2011
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27 Oct

New Abel “DeYoung” Brown Trout Flank Reel

Author: Travis

More Eye Candy from Abel and DeYoung

Two friends of the Spring Creek film have collaborated again.  My friends and sponsors at Abel Reels have released a new reel from the "DeYoung" Signature Series line.  I've been lucky enough to spend time in Abel's Camarillo Calfornia headquarters and I have seen first hand the incredibly labour intensive work that goes into making an Abel as well as the painstaking hand painted work that goes into each and every DeYoung series reel.  Just check out the film I did for Abel on the front of their webpage.  This time Don and the great people at Abel have chosen one of Derek DeYoung's brown trout flanks to grace another of their reels.  Here's the presser from Abel's website: "Some of our most popular fish graphic representations come from the genius of Montana artist Derek DeYoung.  In particular, his stunning, imaginative portrayals of brown, brook, cutthroat, and rainbow trout on Abel Reels are coveted by both collectors and anglers who want to fish something “different.” Like all artists, Derek is compelled to find new ways to express himself.  He’s done countless representations of brownies, each another layer of his artistic onion. Derek’s latest – some say greatest – look at brown trout is now available on any size or model Abel Reel at an added surcharge of $200. Whether you plan on using the new DeYoung/Abel collaboration on the business end of a flyrod or displaying it on your mantle, it will be a joy forever." Right now I'm in the process of editing my digital short film featuring Derek DeYoung's artwork which was shot over a week that I spent with Derek in Livingston this past September. Derek had a prototype of the new reel at his studio and he let me have a look at it. It's pretty sweet. In fact you can see it in video in the post below, that shows a clip from the film that features many of the DeYoung Abel reels.  For more on Derek and his incredible artwork, hit him up at More Later T>    

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