November 2011
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12 Nov

CFI Global Fisheries featured in Spring Creek

Author: Travis


For the last year and a half I've been trying to synch up my shooting schedule with a spring creek restoration effort. So I was stoked when Shannon Skelton, a senior fisheries biologist and president of CFI Global Fisheries Management invited me down to Colorado to take a look at some work CFI is about to do on a spring creek next summer. CFI is based in Ft. Collins, CO. and offers comprehensive fisheries management, but at it's core is dedicated to river restoration and stream enhancement.  Here's a little from CFI's website.

"CFI is on the forefront of fisheries enhancement and fishery consulting. Through biological and technological advancements, CFI has carved a niche to create, enhance, and restore first-class fisheries in the United States and the world. From river enhancements in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico to stream creation in Argentina, CFI is a leader in freshwater fishery management."

and from Shannon Skelton on participating in Spring Creek:

"The preservation, enhancement and strategic stewardship of spring creek fisheries across the continent is an instrumental component to perpetuating and maintaining quality ecosystems and angling opportunities, and fostering management alliances with private ranchers and landowners is critical to the long-term sustainability of these precious resources. CFI Global is ecstatic to be working with Travis Lowe, and honored to be a part of the Spring Creek film."

I'm tremedously excited to work with Shannon and be afforded the opportunity to see some restoration work in the midst of it actually happening.  For more on Shannon and CFI hit up this article from the Denver Post.

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  1. Steve says:

    CFI has got to be the best fisheries firm in west. I have seen multiple projects of theirs and these guys really know how to get it done. I got the chance to spend a day with them and observe what they did. It was one of the most impressive things I have seen and I love what they do. These guys are legit.

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