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15 Nov

MFC film in Thailand…

Author: Travis

YO! Buddha What Up?

 Adam Trina is president and founder of the  Montana Fly Company. MFC is a  manufacturer of high-quality flies, fly tying accessories and fishing gear and are the exclusive fly sponsor for my Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers Water and Trout film. Recently, Adam asked me to come to Thailand to do some filming and see how MFC brings in fly designers from their team of over 75 pattern developers, to teach their Thai employess how to tie (pardon the pun) MFC's latest killer patterns.  Since 1998 MFC has made many break-throughs in fly patterns and materials, they have an extremely large production capacity that consists of  two facilities in Chaing Mai and a third under way  in Cambodia. Adam tells me that the company is experiencing phenomenal growth right now, no doubt fueled by the new MFC Artist Series of fishing accessories featuring custom artwork by four outstanding artists: Bern Sundell, A.D. Maddox, Travis Sylvester and Josh Udesen. Each artist’s custom fish-inspired work is digitally coated to MFC fishing gear and accessories. The custom artwork gives a distinctive look to MFC fly boxes, reels, nippers, forceps, iPhone covers, iPad folders, travel mugs, hip flasks and water bottles. The MFC Artist Series accessory line became available in retail stores and online in the Fall 2011. “The fish culture is really captured by these four uniquely different and talented artists who have a deep love for fishing. They reflect that in their work,” says MFC President, Adam Trina. “The new product lines give more color and character to the gear we use every day in this activity we love.” MFC also recently won two "Best in Show" awards at the NOLA IFTD. The first award at IFTD was Best in Show for Best Gift item, the new iPad folder from MFC’s artist series, and the second was Best of Show Fly Boxes/Storage System– for the new MFC Boat Box. Personally I like the new MFC Boat Box pictured below, (Adam I definately need one of those, nudge nudge wink wink).

Killer new MFC Artist Series Boat Box

But it's the Thai Mahseer fishing that Adam is promising to show me that's got me stoked. MFC has the exclusive lease on two rivers in Thailand to guide only fly fishing from November through June each year. The one thing I'm not stoked about is the two day journey and accompanying jet lag.  What about flooding you ask? Trina promised me in his last e-mail, "don't worry none of the party spots have been affected and we're about to do our first Mahseer gudie trip today" So, I'm leaving for  for Bangkok in January. More Later T>  

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