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2 Dec

Every Nymph Needs A Pimp!

Author: Travis 1 comment

My bright orange Fish Pimp hat is probably the most comfortable baseball hat that I own, and I own a shitload of fly fishing baseball hats. Not only is it super soft and comfortable but is looks pretty sweet on camera as well!  So I started giving it to some anglers to wear for the film. Almost didn't get it back from a few people. I contacted Quentin at Fish Pimp to see if I could get some more and Fish Pimp decided to come on board as the latest sponsor. Fish Pimp is a maker of  innovative fly fishing accessories. Fish Pimp® not only makes many of the fly-fishing accessories you can depend on to catch more fish, they make them better. Through better thinking, better engineering and better materials. Every product is developed based on their (and their customers') real life, on-the-water experience. From the home base in Boise, Idaho, we fish the West—and the world, really—always on the lookout for solutions to anything that might add even a bit of hassle to our day. The result is a full line of high-performance accessories that are a perfect mix of common sense and "why the hell didn't I think of that." All made from materials durable enough to withstand the rigors of the stream, lake, ocean and the clumsiest of hands. Check out fishpimp's website @ for a selection of their pimp products and gear. Check out my favourites, the retro T's, and the two chamber shaker flotant container....that shit is SWEET. More Later T>