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23 Mar

Back on the River….

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Pink Striped Spring Rainbow

Had a chance today to get out and spend a couple hours on my home waters. Total bluebird day, while all the plankers were up on the mountain, I was down in the valley shooting these photos with my Iphone.  The Iphone 4 camera is not too bad. I didn't bring my cameras, as it was just a day to fish, However while I was out there, I found myself wishing I had. Managed a few nice fish to hand and enjoyed a beautiful day on the river. Even caught a bit of a sunburn. It may not be Thailand and there's no 20lb Mahseer, but the rainbows are still beautiful, wild trout.   More Later T>

More Pink Stripes


Somebody stuck an MFC sticker in Soi Cowboy.... WTF?

Big thanks to the Thailand crew of Montana Fly Company without whom this film never would have happened.  Adam Trina, Greg Cunningham and Kris Keller. And of course Nareena and Patrick for support.

Wat Phra Kaew

Another EPIC adventure, has come to an end.  I have finished filming for "Thai One On" a short film destined for next year's F3T tour. Along the Thai crew of Montana Fly Company, I spent 4 weeks in the jungle of Northern Thailand. I also spent 5 days in the urban jungle of Bangkok, probably the world's craziest city. A metropolis of over 13 million people and sex trade worth almost as much. But what I took away from my time there, is that Thailand is country of contrast. And like the anglers I focused my lenses on, Thailand has got its hooks in me.  Bangkok may have held me under and nearly didn't give me up... but Thailand has left an indelible impression on me. I will return again and again. Now only 9 months of post production work to finish the film! More Later T>


  James Anderson is a featured angler in my Spring Creek film. James and I have also worked together on Canvasfish, my recent documentary on artist Derek DeYoung. Our latest collaboration is the sound track for my new film "Thai One On". My boy James recently e-mailed me an update on his steelhead trip and it went a little something like this: Yeah, the cop was REALLY upset.  Apparently some jack ass I passed called me in so he was looking for me. "Is there a reason you were going ONE HUNDRED AND SIX mph?!?!?" "Ah, I was trying to get to the coast tonight to go steelheading..."  "Is it worth GOING TO JAIL!?" "No sir..."  After the license and registration...  "slow it DOWN, that is RIDICULOUS.  You have to go to court for this much, you're lucky I don't write you up for a wreckless.  Do you have any other questions?"  "No sir, just wanted to say I'm sorry again and I will slow it down..." I had a lady judge who turned out to be very cool - she goes salmon fishing in Alaska every year and said one day she was so excited she didn't eat for 10 hours.  I still got the maximum fine - $100, which I felt a heck of a lot better than going to the clink... Still that's 5 days of shuttle money down the drain... Be the Judge yourself, was it worth it? JA is MONEY!

OP Steelie

5 Mar

“Thai One On”

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Deep in the pristine jungle of northern Thailand lies the River of Reflection. Named for it's crystal clear water, the river is home to the legendary Mahseer. A species first prized by British anglers in the days of the Raj for its phenomenal fight. Filmmaker Travis Lowe follows three anglers as they work with local Karen villagers to protect the entire 60km length of the river. Hoping to open up the River of Reflection as a world class destination fishery. And in the process, help bring desperately needed money to the cash starved Karen villagers. A feat that may require a witch doctor, a spirit curse and quite possibly the introduction of mahseer fish aquaculture. But every Thai odyssey begins and ends in Bangkok, the City of Life. And like Adam Trina says "the 'Kok's a cruel mistress and if you don't treat her right, you're in for a big surprise when you lift up that skirt". Currently in production, Thai One On is coming in 2013 to F3T. Provided we make it out of Bangkok alive. A Cinema Digital Production and a Travis Lowe film.