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23 Apr

More Shocking News…

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Shannon Skelton, CFI Global Fisheries Management

  Literally. E-mail from my boy Shannon Skelton, Senior Fisheries & Aquatic Biologist / President of CFI Global Fisheries.  Shannon was shocking a stretch of one of CFI's recent rehabilitations last week. T, here are pics of a couple of the fish that decided to move into the newly enhanced habitat that we built on a 1.5 mile stretch of river last fall. This reach of river harbored just under 6 total lbs. of fish per acre before we conducted the habitat enhancement. Upon compiling the data after last week's electrofishing studies, this same reach totaled 31.6 lbs. per acre. This is completely due to natural recruitment, for we've never stocked fish in this project reach. Pictures may not be the best, but it shows you how happy these fish are in their rehabilitated environment This is EXACTLYwhy in late June I am headed down to Ft. Collins, CO to hang with Shannon and check out a spring creek restoration project his team is working on. More Later T>

Mr. Brown and Mr. Skelton


Glass Power

Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto fame spotted the trailer to "Thai One On" when it came out a month or two ago. Cameron promplty noticed one specific shot was lacking a little something. The shot? It was a POV shot of my Pelican camera case covered in fly fishing stickers as a I trapsed through my local airport intransit to Thailand. Mortenson the savant that he is,  noticed one decal missing from said Pelican case, a Fiberglass Manifesto sticker. So Cameron promptly contacted me and sent a TFM schwag bag of goodies. So I'm rockin the tee at work today. The decal? Well that's already on the Pelican. Cameron is a confessed "glass geek", ( I thought that was slang for meth head?) Mortenson's website TFM, is a salute to the builders and companies that produce fiberglass fly rods. Over time the Cameron has broadened TFM's horizons to include to reel makers, artists, photographers, writers, fly tiers, gear makers, filmmakers and really anything else that he felt noteworthy within the fly fishing industry. I figure now I can qualify for the TFM Photo Spotting Contest. Too bad I didn't have the shirt in Bangkok, I could have taken pics in all kinds of crazy places with.  Take a look at Cameron's blog, a great read even if like me you believe glass is dead and have vowed to NEVER take up Tenkara ever. So while Ted Kacynski may have had a place in Montana and his own MANIFESTO , he never had his own T-shirt. Eat your heart out there Theodore.  More Later T>