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24 Jun

Colorado’s Poudre River

Author: Travis 0 comments
This morning I lit up the Poudre with a venti pike place in one hand and a Winston in the other. It was all thanks to CFI President, Shannon Skelton. Shannon was showing me some recently completed stream restoration work at the Seaworth Ranch in Fort Collins. Shannon says we gave 'em the ol' Colorado WHAT FOR. I don't know about that... but in the immortal words of James Anderson "I wouldn't go back there for awhile, maybe longer. " Over heard streamside on the Poudre today..... Me "Hey Shannon, hold my coffee while I land this brown will ya?" Shannon "Sure is it big?" Me "Ya man, for sure... it's a Venti, that's like 20 ounces"  
22 Jun

Trout Waters Fly and Tackle

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A couple of years ago when I first decided to mix my career with my passion for fly fishing, I did a corporate film for Trout Waters Fly and Tackle (the original can be see on the videos page). Trout Waters is owned by good friends Nick Pace and Savas Koutsontonis. Over the last year they've had some big changes at the store, the biggest of which is becoming a Patagonia retailer. Recently, Bart Bonime Director of Fishing for Patagonia and I toured the store and we both agreed it was time for an update to Trout Waters corporate film. Thanks to Bart Bonime and Stuart Bjornlie at Patagonia for the stock footage. More Later T>