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3 Jul

Patrick Markle Paints Spring Creek

Author: Travis

Patrick Markle's "Ripples"

  I first ran across Patrick Markle's art in an issue of Fly Fusion a Canadian Fly Fishing Magazine. The way in which Markle interprets water haunted me. As a big Group Of Seven fan (Tom Thompson came paddlin by.... The Tragically Hip), naturally I gravitated to Patrick's paintings easily as I found his perspective uniquely Canadian.  Weeks later I found myself thinking of his painting "Ripples" more and more. So I actually went back to that mag, luckilyfor me local my flyshop still had one, mine was given away days after finding itself in my mailbox (reduce, reuse and recycle...word up FOO!) and I managed to track Patrick down to of all places "Trout Town" Canada, Fernie B.C. Once upon I time I used to pretend to be a guide out of Fernie on the Elk and I know only two types of people live there, Locals and Pow Pow Hounds/Fish Bums. This I thought was fortunate for me as I fully expected Patrick to be dialed in Elk River angler and be slammin the trips full time. When I read his bio I found out he grew up in Fenlon Falls, Ontario, when I was kid I grew up in the same area used to skip school, slam beers and go to Fenlon Falls for kicks. So I fired off an email to Patrick, explained the Spring Creek project a little and begged him to take part in the project.  Patrick never replied and I got to say I was bummed out not to hear back. So I sent him another e-mail, seems he was doing his thing completely "off the grid" and to my pleasant surprise was interested in taking part in Spring Creek. A month or so later and I am extremely excited to announce the Patrick Markle will paint the Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout film poster and the first frame from the film. It is the image captured from Milesnick's Spring Creek just outside of Bozeman, Montana and has so far served as the movies poster. Thanks to Patrick for his willingness to paint for this project. It really brings the level of the whole film up and I couldn't be more grateful. Turns out Patrick doesn't fly fish and has been wanting to learn for awhile since a lot of friends are Fernie guides. So the first thing Patrick gets is a fly reel from one of my sponsors, MFC.  Check out Patrick's bio below and his website. British Columbia based, contemporary landscape artist Patrick Markle was born and raised in Fenelon Falls, Ontario. He was always within sight of the great outdoors, and developed an appreciation of the Canadian wilderness at an early age. Markle attended Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and in May 2002, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. The artist then decided to move west and now resides in Fernie, BC.A modern artist whose roots lay in the Group of Seven and national icons such as Lawren Harris and A. J. Casson, Patrick appreciates the subtlety of natural world landscapes and the symmetry in his paintings.   More Later T  

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