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2 Oct

Bulkley River Lodge

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Bart and Bulkley River Hen

Real quick thanks to everyone at the Bulkley River Lodge and especially the Patagonia folks, CEO  Casey Sheahan,  Director of Fishing Bart Bonime and Fishing Sales Manager Mark Harbaugh. There simply is no other company like them. Always a pleasure to work for them.

Father and Son Anglers, Ryan and Everett Wood

Ryan Wood is a former Dallas Cowboy and the co founder of  Under Armour. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan and his son Everett. Ryan is a client of CFI Global Fisheries Management. I spoke with him at length about a river restoration project CFI did for him on his Sweetwood Ranch. Sweetwood is located just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and features three miles of one of Colorado's classic freestone fisheries,the Elk River. The problem was a lack of habitat. Wood found that during the Elk's extreme flow changes, the trout in the ranch's stretch of  river would migrate in search of holding water for survival. CFI did a complete overhaul on the Sweetwood Ranch's Elk River  stretch"turning a good fishery into a great one". I always say that the thing about shooting this film and several other side projects I do is all about the people I meet. Ryan Wood is the perfect example, down to earth, genuine and gracious... but I think what impressed me most about  Ryan is his sense of stewardship for the environment. He strongly believes that with ownership comes responsibility. Many thanks to Ryan for his time and of course for allowing us to enjoy his incredible Sweetwood Ranch. You will not taste a better steak then from Wood's Sweetwood Cattle Co. Thanks again, Ryan.


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Best Steaks Ever!



Patrick Markle's "Ripples"

  I first ran across Patrick Markle's art in an issue of Fly Fusion a Canadian Fly Fishing Magazine. The way in which Markle interprets water haunted me. As a big Group Of Seven fan (Tom Thompson came paddlin by.... The Tragically Hip), naturally I gravitated to Patrick's paintings easily as I found his perspective uniquely Canadian.  Weeks later I found myself thinking of his painting "Ripples" more and more. So I actually went back to that mag, luckilyfor me local my flyshop still had one, mine was given away days after finding itself in my mailbox (reduce, reuse and recycle...word up FOO!) and I managed to track Patrick down to of all places "Trout Town" Canada, Fernie B.C. Once upon I time I used to pretend to be a guide out of Fernie on the Elk and I know only two types of people live there, Locals and Pow Pow Hounds/Fish Bums. This I thought was fortunate for me as I fully expected Patrick to be dialed in Elk River angler and be slammin the trips full time. When I read his bio I found out he grew up in Fenlon Falls, Ontario, when I was kid I grew up in the same area used to skip school, slam beers and go to Fenlon Falls for kicks. So I fired off an email to Patrick, explained the Spring Creek project a little and begged him to take part in the project.  Patrick never replied and I got to say I was bummed out not to hear back. So I sent him another e-mail, seems he was doing his thing completely "off the grid" and to my pleasant surprise was interested in taking part in Spring Creek. A month or so later and I am extremely excited to announce the Patrick Markle will paint the Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout film poster and the first frame from the film. It is the image captured from Milesnick's Spring Creek just outside of Bozeman, Montana and has so far served as the movies poster. Thanks to Patrick for his willingness to paint for this project. It really brings the level of the whole film up and I couldn't be more grateful. Turns out Patrick doesn't fly fish and has been wanting to learn for awhile since a lot of friends are Fernie guides. So the first thing Patrick gets is a fly reel from one of my sponsors, MFC.  Check out Patrick's bio below and his website. British Columbia based, contemporary landscape artist Patrick Markle was born and raised in Fenelon Falls, Ontario. He was always within sight of the great outdoors, and developed an appreciation of the Canadian wilderness at an early age. Markle attended Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and in May 2002, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. The artist then decided to move west and now resides in Fernie, BC.A modern artist whose roots lay in the Group of Seven and national icons such as Lawren Harris and A. J. Casson, Patrick appreciates the subtlety of natural world landscapes and the symmetry in his paintings.   More Later T  
22 Jun

Trout Waters Fly and Tackle

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A couple of years ago when I first decided to mix my career with my passion for fly fishing, I did a corporate film for Trout Waters Fly and Tackle (the original can be see on the videos page). Trout Waters is owned by good friends Nick Pace and Savas Koutsontonis. Over the last year they've had some big changes at the store, the biggest of which is becoming a Patagonia retailer. Recently, Bart Bonime Director of Fishing for Patagonia and I toured the store and we both agreed it was time for an update to Trout Waters corporate film. Thanks to Bart Bonime and Stuart Bjornlie at Patagonia for the stock footage. More Later T>

Glass Power

Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto fame spotted the trailer to "Thai One On" when it came out a month or two ago. Cameron promplty noticed one specific shot was lacking a little something. The shot? It was a POV shot of my Pelican camera case covered in fly fishing stickers as a I trapsed through my local airport intransit to Thailand. Mortenson the savant that he is,  noticed one decal missing from said Pelican case, a Fiberglass Manifesto sticker. So Cameron promptly contacted me and sent a TFM schwag bag of goodies. So I'm rockin the tee at work today. The decal? Well that's already on the Pelican. Cameron is a confessed "glass geek", ( I thought that was slang for meth head?) Mortenson's website TFM, is a salute to the builders and companies that produce fiberglass fly rods. Over time the Cameron has broadened TFM's horizons to include to reel makers, artists, photographers, writers, fly tiers, gear makers, filmmakers and really anything else that he felt noteworthy within the fly fishing industry. I figure now I can qualify for the TFM Photo Spotting Contest. Too bad I didn't have the shirt in Bangkok, I could have taken pics in all kinds of crazy places with.  Take a look at Cameron's blog, a great read even if like me you believe glass is dead and have vowed to NEVER take up Tenkara ever. So while Ted Kacynski may have had a place in Montana and his own MANIFESTO , he never had his own T-shirt. Eat your heart out there Theodore.  More Later T>

Somebody stuck an MFC sticker in Soi Cowboy.... WTF?

Big thanks to the Thailand crew of Montana Fly Company without whom this film never would have happened.  Adam Trina, Greg Cunningham and Kris Keller. And of course Nareena and Patrick for support.


  James Anderson is a featured angler in my Spring Creek film. James and I have also worked together on Canvasfish, my recent documentary on artist Derek DeYoung. Our latest collaboration is the sound track for my new film "Thai One On". My boy James recently e-mailed me an update on his steelhead trip and it went a little something like this: Yeah, the cop was REALLY upset.  Apparently some jack ass I passed called me in so he was looking for me. "Is there a reason you were going ONE HUNDRED AND SIX mph?!?!?" "Ah, I was trying to get to the coast tonight to go steelheading..."  "Is it worth GOING TO JAIL!?" "No sir..."  After the license and registration...  "slow it DOWN, that is RIDICULOUS.  You have to go to court for this much, you're lucky I don't write you up for a wreckless.  Do you have any other questions?"  "No sir, just wanted to say I'm sorry again and I will slow it down..." I had a lady judge who turned out to be very cool - she goes salmon fishing in Alaska every year and said one day she was so excited she didn't eat for 10 hours.  I still got the maximum fine - $100, which I felt a heck of a lot better than going to the clink... Still that's 5 days of shuttle money down the drain... Be the Judge yourself, was it worth it? JA is MONEY!

OP Steelie

28 Feb


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In between shooting for my documentary film Spring Creek: Rancher's Anglers, Water and Trout, I have taken to shooting numerous side projects or short films. Canvasfish is one of them. It’s hard to tell what came first for Derek DeYoung angling or art?  At the age of 6, Derek was declaring to friends and family that he wanted to be a famous artist.  Enamoured with angling from an early young age DeYoung’s favourite subject has always been fish. But by the time he left art school at the age of 23, DeYoung realized he needed to push his artwork in a new direction. In order to achieve his goal, he began to experiment with composition, taking the fish’s form away and removing the actually shape of the fish.  By zooming in extremely close on his subject, DeYoung’s objective was to portray trout in colour and pattern only. The result was the “Abstract Trout Face” series paintings. Derek’s contemporary vision and vibrant use of colour challenged the traditional, classic style of angling artwork and eventually received critical acclaim and success.  That success would lead to corporate collaborations with Abel and Simms that would make the DeYoung name into a brand. A consequence that he struggles with as he attempts to build a life around his love of painting and his passion for fly fishing. Canvasfish is intimate portrait of an artist and his work. It celebrates a small part of the culture of fly fishing while not attempting to document the pursuit of it. Filmed at DeYoung’s Livingston, Montana studio, Canvasfish chronicles DeYoung’s career as he paints his way through life, a fly rod in one hand and paint brush in the other.  

April Vokey and some BC Steel

  British Columbia is world reknowned  for it's phenomenal sports fisheries.  In fact, northern British Columbia has been labelled by many as "the last great stand of wild steelhead".  Without a doubt, the face of this fishery for the past little while has been Patagonia angling ambassador, April Vokey. As an avid steelhead angler and columnist for Fly Fusion magazine, Vokey has been dubbed BC's unique steelhead voice.  Praised for speaking her mind about anything and everything, April's latest article for Fly Fusion magazine draws attention to Shell's proposed coal bed methan gas development in BC's Sacred Headwaters, the birth place of the Nass, Skeena and the Stikine. Known as the "Sergenti of Canada" Sacred Headwaters is home to an abundance of wildlife, including caribou, stone sheep, grizzly bears and wolves.  Two years ago (2010) Sacred Headwaters shared top spot with the Kettle River for BC's Most Endangered River. In 2011, due to inadequate action adressing pressing environmental concerns on the Kettle River, BC's Sacred Headwaters was dropped to second spot with the Kettle River taking over sole position of the number one spot, on BC's Most Endangered River's list. A dubious honor, that has never happened before in the list's eighteen year history. April Vokey is passionate about  issues facing her beloved fisheries whether it's the Chilliwack River, the Thompson River or BC's Sacred Headwaters. SoI decided to contact her and see if she would be interested in finding out more about the situation facing the Kettle River and appearing in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout.  April  called my yesterday saying she is more than happy to take part, adding “The dilemma of the ranching industry’s involvement with trout-bearing streams is one that is almost always certain to cause a late night squall at the table.  Every year I see more fisheries throughout the USA & Canada that are affected by this debate, and I am increasingly astounded by what I am learning.I’m looking forward to being involved in the making of this educational piece by Travis Lowe and hope that I will finally be able to hear the truth from both “sides” before ultimately facing a decision, and then following my heart to make a difference.” More Later T>
25 Sep


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Evening on upper Armstrong's Spring Creek
James Anderson, Livingston's very own home boy,  gettin' after it on the upper section of Armstrong's Spring Creek. Keep your gear neatly stowed away when with James otherwise he will "forget" in the grass on you at every chance!!! "Ah James do have my streamer box?" James, " I think I left back at the last hole, sorry"  "James, where's the net?" James, "ah I think's back at the last bend"  Stay tuned for lots more with James Anderson for the film.
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