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Earlier this fall RL Winston owner David Ondattje asked me to become part of the Pro Staff Photographer Team, he also asked me to  produce a little AE Project to highlight the companies 2015 product line. David is an accomplished writer, director and photographer, he gave me some of his photos and I threw them into AE. Bam!
6 Oct

7 Half Diamond Ranch

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Another new film for one of my favorite clients, 7 Half Diamond Ranch. 7 Half Diamond Ranch is a destination that feels as natural as a place you have known your entire life. A beautiful piece of British Columbia where you can relax in the country with trophy fly fishing at your doorstep. Seven Half Diamond Ranch is the perfect all-season get away with activities that range from fishing, bird watching, biking, hiking and cross country skiing, horseback riding or just plain rest and relaxation.
17 Nov

Titan Rod Vault

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Since getting the Titan Rod Vault, I've been working a short film for my friends at Body Outfitters. The Titan Road Vault is a must have. Check it out.    
8 Oct

Patagonia Waders

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I've been remiss with the BLOG and will try to get it back on track! Busy with a new film project with Patagonia and Costa called Finding Fontinalis: Valle de las Horquetas. For now check this out, I know it's old but I shot quite a bit of footage of Pete Caron wearing the new SSC Patagonia waders for this film. Nice edit by Justin Rowe.

Patagonia Waders from Patagonia on Vimeo.

fish one Had a chance to host my great friend Brian Bennett this past September on the Kettle River.  Brian is the MEAT AND POTATOES behind the only fly fishing website that matters MOLD YCHUM. Bennett an ardent steelheader still managed to introduced himself to several of the Kettle's beautiful rainbow trout over several days of stalking the river in 30 degree Celcius heat. True to form the hoppers produced, but the biggest fish were leader, tippet, line and presentation shy. One chance only  as my boy Peerwat " Bobby " Koatakul would say! Check out what Moldy Chum had to say about the whole experience. With apologies to A.D. Above are the results of various effects applied to images of a Kettle River rainbow taken by my friend  Travis Lowe on our recent rendezvous north of the border. The Kettle is a beautiful 175-mile tributary of the Columbia that flows back and forth between southeastern British Columbia and northeastern Washington. Being a trib of the Columbia the Kettle at one time supported salmon and other anadromous fish but a couple of giant dams forever put the kibosh on that program. As you can see above what remains are some very beautiful, very wary, rainbow trout. (And rumors of one phantom giant brown trout......perhaps more on that in a future post). LINK
20 Oct


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MFC's QC Manager Kris Keller gets a steal of a deal on Khao San road in Bangkok. For $6 Keller gets a fake F3T hat, on Khao San road counterfeit is king. From the upcoming 2013 F3T Film "Thai One On" About THAI ONE ON Deep in the pristine jungle of northern Thailand lies the River of Reflection. Named for it's crystal clear water, the river is home to the legendary Mahseer. A species first prized by British anglers in the days of the Raj for its phenomenal fight. Filmmaker Travis Lowe follows three anglers as they work with local Karen villagers to protect the entire 60km length of the river. Hoping to open up the River of Reflection as a world class destination fishery. And in the process, help bring desperately needed money to the cash starved Karen villagers. A feat that may require a witch doctor, a spirit curse and quite possibly the introduction of some sort of fish aquaculture. But every Thai odyssey begins and ends in Bangkok, the City of Life. And like Adam Trina says "the 'Kok's a cruel mistress and if you don't treat her right, you're in for a big surprise when you lift up that skirt". Thai One On is coming in 2013 to F3T. A Cinema Digital Production and a Travis Lowe film.
24 Jun

Colorado’s Poudre River

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This morning I lit up the Poudre with a venti pike place in one hand and a Winston in the other. It was all thanks to CFI President, Shannon Skelton. Shannon was showing me some recently completed stream restoration work at the Seaworth Ranch in Fort Collins. Shannon says we gave 'em the ol' Colorado WHAT FOR. I don't know about that... but in the immortal words of James Anderson "I wouldn't go back there for awhile, maybe longer. " Over heard streamside on the Poudre today..... Me "Hey Shannon, hold my coffee while I land this brown will ya?" Shannon "Sure is it big?" Me "Ya man, for sure... it's a Venti, that's like 20 ounces"  
22 Jun

Trout Waters Fly and Tackle

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A couple of years ago when I first decided to mix my career with my passion for fly fishing, I did a corporate film for Trout Waters Fly and Tackle (the original can be see on the videos page). Trout Waters is owned by good friends Nick Pace and Savas Koutsontonis. Over the last year they've had some big changes at the store, the biggest of which is becoming a Patagonia retailer. Recently, Bart Bonime Director of Fishing for Patagonia and I toured the store and we both agreed it was time for an update to Trout Waters corporate film. Thanks to Bart Bonime and Stuart Bjornlie at Patagonia for the stock footage. More Later T>
21 Jan

More Thailand Pics…

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Gearin' Up at Herntai
One of my favourite places that we visited in Thailand was Herntai Resort (to see pics scroll down). Great food, dirty cheap and plenty of ambience. The fire timelapse scene (post below) was also shot at Herntai. Here Adam Trina gears up for a day of Mahseer fishing with Kris Keller stringing up in the background.
20 Jan

Thai One On: The River Ngao

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Full moon fever at Herntai!