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20 Jan

Covert Ops with MFC

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Totally MacGrubered
I've posted this photo before but now that I'm at home and have time to photoshit some stuff up here it is. Yup I'm totally MacGrubered in this photo and so is the mini spy cam in the top of hat. Spy cam handywork courtesy of  Adam Trina owner and founder of Montana Fly Company. Trina  invited me to Thailand under the pretense of filming some Mahseer fishing and then quickly hi-jacked the film project  into a Hunter S. Thompson-esque tour of Bangkok's seamer side. The 'Kok as Adam is fond of calling it, sucked us in and held us under.  Everything in Bangkok is ILLEGAL (that is anything worth doing there) and so we needed to find a way to get it on film. Look for it in an upcoming short tentatively titled Thai One On: The River Ngao.
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24 Oct


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Bought an Intervolumeter for my 7D for one specific shot for the film. Trying not to get sucked into the whole "timelapse" transition in film vortex. This weekend I was at Harrsion Hot Springs Hotel and did this test. It was shot off the balcony of our hotel room. The 4 second interval proved to be a little much making the whole things choppy. It was shot over a half hour using around 475 exposures then dropped into a 24 frame timeline. More Later T>

Pete Caron looks for fish while I jib it up!

Budgetary restraint is REALLY the mother of invention........



No tilt? then just crane from the front it's smoother


Using the packs as counterbalance weights

4 Oct

Banner Days…

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Grip and Grin Baby!
A few weeks ago Pete Caron and I had arguably the best ever on our homewaters, the Kettle River. It was nice to see so many healthy fish after a summer of illegal angling and quite a mysterious dead fish finds.  We'd fish this stretch numerous times before but always walking on the bank upstream trying to spot fish and fish to them. This time we walked in from upstream and fished blindly downstream, fly first and the day was incredible. Fish were every where they should have been and healthy after a summer of feeding. The river showed just enough to restore my faith that it hasn't completely died yet.
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25 Sep


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Evening on upper Armstrong's Spring Creek
James Anderson, Livingston's very own home boy,  gettin' after it on the upper section of Armstrong's Spring Creek. Keep your gear neatly stowed away when with James otherwise he will "forget" in the grass on you at every chance!!! "Ah James do have my streamer box?" James, " I think I left back at the last hole, sorry"  "James, where's the net?" James, "ah I think's back at the last bend"  Stay tuned for lots more with James Anderson for the film.
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24 Sep

More Milesnick’s

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Evening on Benhar Spring Creek

24 Sep


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Benhart Spring Creek

Thanks again to Mary Kay and Tom Milesnick for letting Jim Klug and I on to the ranch to shoot for the film.
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Jim Klug and I first met last September at the Ennis Fly Fishing Festival. Jim was promoting his business Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures and I was looking to interview anyone who would talk to me about economic importance of fly fishing to the state of Montana. Jim ever amiable, graciously agreed. As soon as Jim started to speak I realized that I would have to come back and spend a day or two with Jim to really glean what he had to say regarding Montana and fly fishing. The first words out of his mouth during that interview were "Fly fishing is Montana and Montana is Fly fishing, the two are synonymous." I couldn't have agreed more. I knew then that a quick interview at the Ennis festival wasn't exactly going to do what Jim had to offer, justice. So I made plans to return to Montana and spend some time with Jim at Yellow Dog and out on the water.  What I didn't know at the time we talked was Klug's extensive background in the fly fishing industry, his CV is impressive to say the least. Check out Jim's bio here.  After numerous e-mails and a few phone calls I was able to nail Jim down to date and just finished up a day's shoot with him this past Friday in Bozeman. Jim was grounded for fly fishing travel due to the recent birth of his third child, Waylon and was also waiting to deliver another third child of sorts, Confluence Film's latest "Connect".  Besides being director of operations at Yellow Dog and AFFTA chairman, Jim is also half of Confluence Films. His partner in Confluence is long time Warren Miller Cinematographer Chris Patterson. Together Chris and Jim have brought us Drift and Rise and now Connect. Check out the trailer below for Connect. While I was in Bozeman Jim was preparing to drop the film on a VIP audience at a invitational premiere in Bozeman, Octobober 7th. Jim managed to clear off an entire day for Spring Creek shooting and we hit the Gallatin and Milesnick's spring creek. My thanks goes to the gang at Yellow Dog (to Brita, sorry for letting Auggie out!) and to Mary Kay Milesnick for getting us on the creek and of course to Jim Klug for his time. Jim makes a fantastic addition to a great line up of anglers already in Spring Creek: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. More Later T>
15 Sep

Rippin’ up the Ranch

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Derek DeYoung looking for subjects.... Photo James Anderson

Deyoung with the hot hand Photo James Anderson

What a day! James Anderson, Derek DeYoung and I topped up the tank.... FULL OF FISH PORN for the film. We hit a number of great spots and DeYoung was on FIRE. I've spent the majority of the last week shooting  Canvasfish an upcoming short featuring Derek DeYoung and his incredible fish art.  The majority of the film has been shot at Derek's studio and gallery here in Livingston. But we did manage to float the Yellowstone and few other unmentionable hot spots. I have been sworn to secrecy! In other words NO HORIZON shots. Hopefully the film will be part of next year's 3FT. Since I lost almost an entire season of shooting for my feature documentary Spring Creek this summer, the film's premiere will be delayed until 2013. More Later T>
The greatest thing about making my film has been the people I meet. Derek and Janell DeYoung exemplify this.