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24 Jul

Best Conservation Award

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"Finding Fontinalis" has won the Drake Magazine's 2017 Video Award for Best Conservation Award. Thanks to everyone involved and all the sponsors. Especially like to thank Bart Bonime, Agustine Fox and Bryan Gregson for all their work. Cheers to the Drake for recognizing the film's endeavour to support conservation around the world.
CBC Kelowna Daybreak host Chris Walker invites "Finding Fontinalis" filmmaker Travis Lowe in to talk about the film and it's Canadian premiere.
Recently American Angler Magazine featured Travis Lowe in their 5 Questions with feature. travis-lowe_american-angler_mayjune-2016
It's been 3 years since I released "Thai One On". Now for 2016 we are getting ready to unleash a special "festival" cut of my new film "Finding Fontinalis" for the 2016 Costa Fly Fishing Film Tour. Stay tuned for more. Big thanks to the film's sponsors, first of all Patagonia, Costa, Yeti as well as Sage and Rio. This film could not have been made with out the support from Agustin Fox and everyone at Las Pampas Lodge. Of course it never would have even got started without Yellow Dog photographer Bryan Gregson. Last but not least executive producer Bart Bonime, Director of Fish at Patagonia. Without Bart's tireless work this film would never have been achieved.
18 Jun

Thai One On

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Truth be told.... I kinda forgot about this film. Adam Trina and I had originally planned on expanding the movie into more of a feature length film. We were going to return to Thailand to see how the Mae Ngao had faired in terms of conservation zones and Mahseer numbers. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and MFC's business took off and my new film project "Finding Fontinalis" has taken up the last two years of my life. So with the chances of following up this project being pretty slim, I decided that the film should see the light day. Thai One On only toured with the 2013 F3T and if you didn't see it there your in for a treat. So sit back grab a PBR or 3 and enjoy. It's a great ride and an even better story. Big thanks to the guys at MFC for this one. Adam, KK and The Champ. And of course James Anderson and C Whisky,
Earlier this fall RL Winston owner David Ondattje asked me to become part of the Pro Staff Photographer Team, he also asked me to  produce a little AE Project to highlight the companies 2015 product line. David is an accomplished writer, director and photographer, he gave me some of his photos and I threw them into AE. Bam!
6 Oct

7 Half Diamond Ranch

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Another new film for one of my favorite clients, 7 Half Diamond Ranch. 7 Half Diamond Ranch is a destination that feels as natural as a place you have known your entire life. A beautiful piece of British Columbia where you can relax in the country with trophy fly fishing at your doorstep. Seven Half Diamond Ranch is the perfect all-season get away with activities that range from fishing, bird watching, biking, hiking and cross country skiing, horseback riding or just plain rest and relaxation.
2 Apr

Derek DeYoung Donates

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Artist Derek DeYoung has greatfully donated a signed giclee print of his artwork to help raise money for the Kettle River during the May 2nd showing. Tickets will be on sale for this piece during the F3T screening.

deyoung gicless

The BIGGEST and the ONLY flyfishing party in Kelowna, goes Friday night May 2nd at the Laurel Packinghouse. Doors open at 5pm and the films will begin at 7pm. Tickets are $20 and all proceeds benefit Trout Unlimited's Okanagan Chapter. This year the show is brought to you by BIG SURF BEER Tickets are going fast and are available at Trout Waters (cash only please) online and at the door. There will be plenty of room in the new venue, we'll have theatre style seating and round table seating for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Again tons of prizes and great raffles. This years Door Prize is a trip to Ruddock's ranch. 3 nights camping, 4 days fishing for 4 people. A value of $1500. Also you will have a chance to win a guided trip for 2 with Trout Waters to 7 Half Diamond Ranch. And the Canadian Sweepstakes Prize is a trip for 2 at the Skeena Salmon Lodge for 1 week (air fare not included) a value of $11,000. Along with the regular bevy of door prizes that Nick and Savas at TW organize. Already there is a raffle underway for an Signature Series Derek DeYoung Abel reel (check it out at Trout Waters) As well Derek DeYoung has donated a singed and numbered giclee print that we will raffle off as well, (see pic below). If you have been to one of TU's Okanagan's Film Festival you know most of the time is taken up handing out the door prizes. We'll be posting the trailers for each of this year's films. Of course we will be having a draw on line for 4 tickets for FLYBC members. We will start another thread for that draw shortly. Please come see us at Trout Waters Casting Day April 13th and the Customer Appreciation days April 26th and 27th where we will have prizes for those who purchase F3T tickets.

2014 poster

This is cut and paste from the Kettle River Watershed Management Plan website. It's obvious the bad news for the Kettle continues. The quality of the Kettle for fishing has deteriorated over the last two decades, as shown by the low abundance and small size of rainbow trout and regular fish kills of trout and whitefish during droughts. Recently, the Stakeholder Advisory Group for the Kettle River Watershed Management Plan learned about the state of our fish from Tara White, Senior Fisheries Biologist with the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO). White shared key findings from a major study investigating factors that limit the production of rainbow trout in the Kettle River. “Water and land management practices, limited available habitat, overharvesting, and low seasonal flows with high temperatures all share some of the blame,” said White. The greatest constraint for trout is the lack of refuge habitat such as deep pools for adult and sub-adult fish during the high temperatures and low flows in mid- to late-summer. Water temperatures of 19-26°C can harm or kill trout, and during low flows from late July into August the Kettle River frequently gets above 22°C and occasionally above 25°C. It gets worse. During low river flows the amount of habitat available for fish declines rapidly. When deep pools are the only places the fish have refuge, they are easy pickings for anglers who may not know or follow the fishing regulations. And even when the fish are released, the stress and injury from the hook and handling on top of the temperature stress can lead to death. So what can be done? At a minimum, all anglers must be licenced and follow the regulations that are posted at When the water is warm, consider not fishing in the rivers at all, and take part in stewardship and habitat improvement projects instead. Anglers should also learn how to handle fish properly when doing catch and release. “When practicing proper catch and release, anglers need to remember to keep the fish in the water, get their photographer ready, hold the fish up for a few seconds to take a photo, then place the fish back in the water,” said Brad Siemens, Fisheries Director for the Grand Forks Wildlife Association. “The longer the fish is held out of the water, the more stress to the fish, and likely higher mortality, especially in high water temperature conditions.” “Also, anglers need to be reminded not to drag their fish up onto the shore – a bare wet hand is the best for a released fish. Some nets actually strip the fish of their slime coat, but new net coatings have made leaps and bounds in this matter.” The Kettle River Watershed Management Plan will include a number of recommendations and actions that protect fish and fish habitat, including water conservation, education, and cooperation with the province and recreation and conservation groups to protect native fish stocks and restore habitat. At the provincial level, FLNRO is working on recommendations for changes to fisheries regulations and water management to better protect the fish in the Kettle and Granby Rivers. These recommendations include implementing water conservation measures, restricting water use during low flows, developing off-stream storage, regulating groundwater use, and changing fisheries regulations to include in-season closures and ‘catch and release’ only. White’s final report will be available in spring. “This fish was released for another angler to enjoy,” said Siemens. “Once a fish is removed from the river system, it is gone forever. The Kettle River is one of BC’s most endangered rivers – we need to keep these ‘canaries in a coal mine’ alive, for future generations to enjoy.”