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20 Oct

Patagonia Wader Shoot

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Waiting for a Raincheck.........

Pete Caron and I ventured down into the canyon yesterday to shoot some raw footage for Patagonia of their new 2013 Rio Gallegos Waders featuring SST (single seam) Technology. Unfortunately the heavy rain never let up and we were unable to shoot.  Our SST jackets kept us dry but the intricate shots planned for the shoot required some dryer weather.
28 Feb


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In between shooting for my documentary film Spring Creek: Rancher's Anglers, Water and Trout, I have taken to shooting numerous side projects or short films. Canvasfish is one of them. It’s hard to tell what came first for Derek DeYoung angling or art?  At the age of 6, Derek was declaring to friends and family that he wanted to be a famous artist.  Enamoured with angling from an early young age DeYoung’s favourite subject has always been fish. But by the time he left art school at the age of 23, DeYoung realized he needed to push his artwork in a new direction. In order to achieve his goal, he began to experiment with composition, taking the fish’s form away and removing the actually shape of the fish.  By zooming in extremely close on his subject, DeYoung’s objective was to portray trout in colour and pattern only. The result was the “Abstract Trout Face” series paintings. Derek’s contemporary vision and vibrant use of colour challenged the traditional, classic style of angling artwork and eventually received critical acclaim and success.  That success would lead to corporate collaborations with Abel and Simms that would make the DeYoung name into a brand. A consequence that he struggles with as he attempts to build a life around his love of painting and his passion for fly fishing. Canvasfish is intimate portrait of an artist and his work. It celebrates a small part of the culture of fly fishing while not attempting to document the pursuit of it. Filmed at DeYoung’s Livingston, Montana studio, Canvasfish chronicles DeYoung’s career as he paints his way through life, a fly rod in one hand and paint brush in the other.  
13 Mar

Martin Kratky plays Bach…

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I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great anglers in the last little while. A few of whom are stellar musicians (among other things!) one of those is Martin Kratky. I'm honored to have Martin's cello work on the soundtrack of Spring Creek.  Today Martin warmed up for his evening concert by stopping by the Centre for Arts and Technology and dropping a little Bach down. Big shout out to Sean Perdue who recorded the session and whose group "Almost a Few" will appear on the Spring Creek soundtrack as well.  In the clip above Martin was practicing the piece getting ready to record, I just left the camera on floor rolling. The final mix is still being mastered by Sean, so this will have to do for now.  Thanks to Martin and Sean for their work today. Check out Martin's bio below... this boy has got the mad cello skills. "Praised as an "expressive and profound" cellist and "versatile musician". Martin Kratky is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, holding Bachelor's and Master's degrees in cello performance and early music. He completed two residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts, and has participated in the SOCMI, Aria, and Soundfest chamber music festivals. From 2004-2006, Martin served as principal cellist of the Saskatoon Symphony, making his concerto debut with a CBC recording of the Beethoven Triple Concerto.  Dedicated to teaching, he has continuosly maintained a studio of several private students. During 2006-2007, he assisted baroque violinist Stanley Ritchie as cellist and continuo player for PhD students at Indiana University's school of music. Now he serves as principal cellist of the Kamloops Symphony, and teaches on faculty at the Kelowna Community Music School and the Penticton Academy of Music." More Later T>
28 Feb

Hazardous Jams…

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I've been going heavy on organizing the soundtrack music for Spring Creek lately. Torin Rodd of SOTS sent me 3 cd's and DVD two months ago. I was beggining to wonder where the hell they were.  I guess Canada Customs had to quarantine them for awhile. When I contacted Torin to tell him about this he told me he wasn't surprised "those jams are hazardous, be careful" he said. I guess Canada Customs finally saw fit to realease them from quarantine and cause I got them today? I'm looking forward to chilling with a beer puttin on my HAZ MAT suit and watching Spirit of the Stairs' DVD "Wichita Sessions". Checkout "Colemanation" from the "Wichata Sessions" below. It's pretty easy to see how SOTS sans lyric music will translate into the film. "Colemanation"will definately be featured as part of the Spring Creek soundtrack.
27 Jan

“Anything for Trout”

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Photo Mike Hari

That's exactly what Vincent Joseph of Model Stranger replied to me when I asked them if they would like to be featured on the soundtrack for Spring Creek: Ranchers Anglers, Water and Trout.  "Just because we don't get trout here in Chicago, doesn't mean the rest of the world should be neglected of this fine specimen" Joseph went on to say. Model Stranger is high energy mid west indie rock band from the Windy City.  Dubbed "rock and roll" classicists, Model Stranger's  brand new release "Dreams and Bones" is being spun on WXRT and Q101 Chi Town's finest rock/alternative radio stations.  I know this because my good friend Chris "MW" Schneider is brothers with one of the guys in the band and he says that its so. Although, come to think of it, Chris doesn't seem to have the same last name as anyone from the band... so I'm a little suspect? Whatever "Dreams and Bones" is in my truck CD player and the generous mid west alt rockers have agreed to let me use "Eyes Half Open" in the film, so I'm stoked. Check out Model Stranger's newest video for "Where Do We Go From Here?"   Mid West Block Party's........ are out of control man! More Later T>
The list of great artists lending their music to the Spring Creek: Ranchers, Water and Trout continues to grow.  A Kelowna father and son, fly fishing folk duo, Andrew and Zachari Smith are the latest to add their music to the soundtrack. I caught their most recent Kelowna concert at the Bike Shop Cafe and where they talked about fishing by day and gigging by night during their latest west coast concert tour. They even admitted to planning tours by looking at rivers and just deciding to play where ever there's good angling opportunities. My kind of musicians.  Andrew and Zachari's new album "travellin" is set to drop on Valentine's day and get this..... they're pressing it on vinyl as well as cd!  Andrew Smith is no stranger to documentary film scoring. His "tap" style of playing lends itself to film. Check out "Africa Tap" from the film "an Orphan's Dream" below. I'll have more on the duo's involvement in the film later, More Later T>

Steve Rodgers

The Spring Creek soundtrack received some great news the other day, Steve Rodgers has agreed to donate "Clouds"  from his debut EP "Steve Rodgers". Steve is fast becoming one of the most in-demand underground international artistes of the time, with his self-released EP being already snapped up by thousands of fans on his MySpace forum. With an eclectic sound which has been likened to Jeff Buckley, Scott Mathews, Ray Lamontagne. Steve and I met two summers ago when he played a benefit concert for a local charity. If you're wondering about Steve's musical pedigree, I'll just say this..... talent runs in the family in a BIG way. In the rock world, his father is referred to simply as "The Voice" More Later, T>
16 Nov

Soundtrack News….SOTS!

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One thing I have learned in 20 years in the Canadian Film and Television industry is that sound is absolutely critical to the visual image. A picture may tell a thousand words but add audio and that picture will transcend to emotion. So I'm totally stoked to announce that Kansas based Spirit of the Stairs, has agreed to become part of the Spring Creek film soundtrack. I first became aware SOTS a year ago when I stumbled on their video for doq,doq,doq on the front page of Vimeo. After watching the video 10 times in a row (a great production in it's own right)  I was a die hard fan. The sonic range these guys manage to master is sick!  Twin guitarists ( Explorers no less!) and dual drummers. What's not to love? My wife dragged me kicking and screaming to a Jay Z concert a while back, Jay Z had two fantastic drummers and they filled the arena like John Bonham. Ever since then I've been sold on the dual drummer idea.  If you want your bottom end to sound like Zepplin, you need two drummers! When I approached the band with the idea for the soundtrack they were enthusastic, Torin Rodd of SOTS said "This appears to be right up our alley.  We have also been wanting to get in to soundtracks because we feel the same way you do about the silent narrative that speaks through our wordless songs."  So, crank it to 11, D-load the vid and listen to the boys from Kansas absolutely "KILL IT"  on doq,doq, doq. More Later T>
We're happy to announce that "The Fishing Music Band" have agreed to provide music for the soundtrack of SPRING CREEK: Ranchers, Anglers, Water and Trout. You may have have seen fishing music's award winning video for "Little Ms. Cutthroat". The video won received the "Best Humour Award" at this year's Drake Film Festival. If you haven't heard them already check out their website. Special thanks to David Thompson at Brickhouse Creative for his help with the soundtrack and film.
From the band's website:
Fishing Music and Fishing Music II are collections of songs and tunes inspired by fish, fishing, and rivers, performed by some of the new acoustic scene's top artists including Tim O'Brien, Mollie O'Brien, Mike Dowling, David Grier, Matt Flinner, Billy Novick, Rob Ickes, Ben Winship, and many more.Co-produced by musicians and avid fly fishermen Ben Winship and David Thompson, Fishing Music was hailed by the Boston Globe as “a deliciously languid, breezy homage to the joys of the angler…” and former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw said “You don't have to be a fisherman to enjoy this fabulous CD.”
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