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18 Jun

Thai One On

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Truth be told.... I kinda forgot about this film. Adam Trina and I had originally planned on expanding the movie into more of a feature length film. We were going to return to Thailand to see how the Mae Ngao had faired in terms of conservation zones and Mahseer numbers. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and MFC's business took off and my new film project "Finding Fontinalis" has taken up the last two years of my life. So with the chances of following up this project being pretty slim, I decided that the film should see the light day. Thai One On only toured with the 2013 F3T and if you didn't see it there your in for a treat. So sit back grab a PBR or 3 and enjoy. It's a great ride and an even better story. Big thanks to the guys at MFC for this one. Adam, KK and The Champ. And of course James Anderson and C Whisky,
Earlier this fall RL Winston owner David Ondattje asked me to become part of the Pro Staff Photographer Team, he also asked me to  produce a little AE Project to highlight the companies 2015 product line. David is an accomplished writer, director and photographer, he gave me some of his photos and I threw them into AE. Bam!
8 Oct

New Demo Reel

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RL Winston Rod's owner David Ondaatje recently asked me to become part of the Pro Staff team! I'm flattered to be associated with Winston, a phenomenal company with a storied tradition in fly rod desgin. Incidentally David and RL Winston Rods were one of the first companies to get behind my filmmaking and sponsor my work. Thank you David! Check out a new Demo Reel that I just cut for my Winston Rod Pro Staff Bio page.
The BIGGEST and the ONLY flyfishing party in Kelowna, goes Friday night May 2nd at the Laurel Packinghouse. Doors open at 5pm and the films will begin at 7pm. Tickets are $20 and all proceeds benefit Trout Unlimited's Okanagan Chapter. This year the show is brought to you by BIG SURF BEER Tickets are going fast and are available at Trout Waters (cash only please) online and at the door. There will be plenty of room in the new venue, we'll have theatre style seating and round table seating for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Again tons of prizes and great raffles. This years Door Prize is a trip to Ruddock's ranch. 3 nights camping, 4 days fishing for 4 people. A value of $1500. Also you will have a chance to win a guided trip for 2 with Trout Waters to 7 Half Diamond Ranch. And the Canadian Sweepstakes Prize is a trip for 2 at the Skeena Salmon Lodge for 1 week (air fare not included) a value of $11,000. Along with the regular bevy of door prizes that Nick and Savas at TW organize. Already there is a raffle underway for an Signature Series Derek DeYoung Abel reel (check it out at Trout Waters) As well Derek DeYoung has donated a singed and numbered giclee print that we will raffle off as well, (see pic below). If you have been to one of TU's Okanagan's Film Festival you know most of the time is taken up handing out the door prizes. We'll be posting the trailers for each of this year's films. Of course we will be having a draw on line for 4 tickets for FLYBC members. We will start another thread for that draw shortly. Please come see us at Trout Waters Casting Day April 13th and the Customer Appreciation days April 26th and 27th where we will have prizes for those who purchase F3T tickets.

2014 poster

8 Oct

Patagonia Waders

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I've been remiss with the BLOG and will try to get it back on track! Busy with a new film project with Patagonia and Costa called Finding Fontinalis: Valle de las Horquetas. For now check this out, I know it's old but I shot quite a bit of footage of Pete Caron wearing the new SSC Patagonia waders for this film. Nice edit by Justin Rowe.

Patagonia Waders from Patagonia on Vimeo.


Pete Caron comtemplates the descent into the canyon without Patagonia's bar boots.....

  Finished up a shoot for Patagonia over the weekend for their new wader product video and it got me thinking. Everyday time you step into a river to fish you are taking your life into your own hands. One slip can literally mean life and death. It's no joke. Most of us just try not to think about it too much or we wouldn't be out there.  At 6'5" and 255 .... I'm a big wader when I want to be.  I'm not steelhead stupid though like I used to be when I was younger. I figure if  a fish is out beyond my reach and it's the difference between me going home to my family or  taking one more step out beyond my wading ability,  I'll leave that fish alone.   These days though, my main problem is  I'm always wading out there with 5G's  worth of camera gear in my hands. One slip and it's an awfully expensive swim and I've already soaked one Canon 7D. I figure if you're not drowning a camera you're not making flyfishing films. However one dead camera is enough. And that's where Patagonia's aluminium bar boots come in.  Nothing sticks like the soft aluminium of the bar boots. I've spent one season in them now and everytime I wear them I'm confident I am NOT going to slip. This summer on a shoot in Wyoming, I stepped out up out of the river on to a giant wet boulder that was at a 45 degree angle. As soon as I put weight on that one foot on the rock I thought this is it, I'm going back into the river backwards with my Canon 5D MKII, to my suprise the soft aluminum bars grabbed the rock and I stuck to it like my foot was glued to it. This fall climbing down in to the canyon on the Bulkley I thought for sure I was going to fall flat on my face and wipe out several others below me with all my gear.  Mark Harbaugh the  Fly Fishing Sales Manager for Patagonia told me the trick to the boot was instead of turning my foot sideways as we would all do on a descent, to keep it pointed faceing straight down to allow the bars to grab the steep wet trail. It was almost impossible to do at first but after awhile I slowly changed the way I walked in the boots and I never slipped down that trail. Just over the weekend I was shooting again for Patagonia in a canyon section of my homewaters the Kettle River. A light dusting of snow made the canyon a pretty treacherous place to shoot and walk. I was running around with a steadicam not really watching too closely wear my footing was, I was more concerned with loooking in the viewfinder and  getting the shot right the first time and getting the hell out of there.  At one time I found myself looking down over the edge of the canyon into the river some 90 feet below and thinking, wow I'm probably going to fall here and die, that's shitty... but this shot is cool! Anyway I didn't fall and  for one reason, the Patagonia bar boots. They grabbed the crumbling rock beneath me and I stuck right to it.  I got the shot and got the hell out of there. Now I'm not saying the Patagonia bar boots will ensure that you never slip and fall again. And for sure they are not cheap.  But for me, the bar boots are the best traction on the market for wading boots out there and you can't put a price on going home to your family.    
Haven't had time to sleep and won't until about mid December. Busy  finishing THAI ONE ON for the upcoming 2013 F3T Film Festival. Got some great news today, not really news but an official announcement. Patagonia has signed on to be one of the primary sponsors for THAI ONE ON. I've been working closely with Patagonia for a couple of years now since starting initial shooting for SPRING CREEK: RANCHERS, ANGLERS, WATER AND TROUT. Everyone from Yvon Chouinard down has been extremely helpful and supportive of my projects. There is no better company to work with then Patagonia. Patagonia is pleased to be involved with Cinema Digital Productions and Travis Lowe projects as a primary sponsor. Travis is a superb film maker who has an uncanny ability to entertain his audience in a rich and educational way. His deep concern for protecting the environment and his ability to bring these important issues to light is a critical component to his craft and Patagonia’s commitment to supporting his films. Bart Bonime Director of Fishing Patagonia About Patagonia Patagonia, Inc., based in Ventura, California, is a leading designer of core outdoor, fish and sport-related apparel, equipment, footwear and accessories. With sales last year of $540M, the company is noted internationally for its commitment to authentic product quality and environmental activism, contributing over $47.5M in cash and in-kind donations to date. Incorporating environmental responsibility into product development, the company has, since 1996, used only organically grown cotton in its clothing line. Committed to making its products landfill-free, the company’s entire product line is recyclable thorough its Common Threads Initiative. The company also advocates corporate transparency through its interactive website, The Footprint Chronicles, which outlines the environmental and social footprint of individual products. Patagonia was featured as The Coolest Company on the Planet on Fortune Magazine’s April 2007 cover.   About THAI ONE ON Deep in the pristine jungle of northern Thailand lies the River of Reflection. Named for it's crystal clear water, the river is home to the legendary Mahseer. A species first prized by British anglers in the days of the Raj for its phenomenal fight. Filmmaker Travis Lowe follows three anglers from Montana Fly Company as they work with local Karen villagers to protect the entire 60km length of the river. Hoping to open up the River of Reflection as a world class destination fishery. And in the process, help bring desperately needed money to the cash starved Karen villagers. A feat that may require a witch doctor, a spirit curse and quite possibly the introduction of some sort of fish aquaculture. But every Thai odyssey begins and ends in Bangkok, the City of Life. And like Adam Trina says "the 'Kok's a cruel mistress and if you don't treat her right, you're in for a big surprise when you lift up that skirt". Currently in production, Thai One On is coming in 2013 to F3T. Provided we make it out of Bangkok alive. A Cinema Digital Production and a Travis Lowe film.
2 Oct

Bulkley River Lodge

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Bart and Bulkley River Hen

Real quick thanks to everyone at the Bulkley River Lodge and especially the Patagonia folks, CEO  Casey Sheahan,  Director of Fishing Bart Bonime and Fishing Sales Manager Mark Harbaugh. There simply is no other company like them. Always a pleasure to work for them.
22 Jun

Trout Waters Fly and Tackle

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A couple of years ago when I first decided to mix my career with my passion for fly fishing, I did a corporate film for Trout Waters Fly and Tackle (the original can be see on the videos page). Trout Waters is owned by good friends Nick Pace and Savas Koutsontonis. Over the last year they've had some big changes at the store, the biggest of which is becoming a Patagonia retailer. Recently, Bart Bonime Director of Fishing for Patagonia and I toured the store and we both agreed it was time for an update to Trout Waters corporate film. Thanks to Bart Bonime and Stuart Bjornlie at Patagonia for the stock footage. More Later T>

Somebody stuck an MFC sticker in Soi Cowboy.... WTF?

Big thanks to the Thailand crew of Montana Fly Company without whom this film never would have happened.  Adam Trina, Greg Cunningham and Kris Keller. And of course Nareena and Patrick for support.